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Published:August 29th, 2010 13:01 EST
breast implant

Politician Raffles Breast Implant! Will Ladies With Tiny Boobs Propel Him To Victory?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"An opposition candidate in next month`s Venezuelan legislative elections is holding a breast implant raffle to fund his campaign, he said in a newspaper interview published Friday.

breast implant`The raffle is a legal method. We decided on breast implants because we wanted to target a specific public sector,` Gustavo Rojas told El Universal." AFP

Rojas must be a male chauvinist pig who thinks it is every woman`s dream to get a free breast implant.

Rojas says he is targeting a "specific public sector", that would be bimbos who equate huge plastic boobs with female empowerment.

Breast implants aren`t a good idea for aesthetic and health reasons. They don`t look or feel real, and they pose a health hazard.

A politician should be telling women to accept themselves as they are, and not encouraging them to get a boob job.

You can tell that Rojas is a jerk by his use of the "Royal We", unless you are royalty or have issues with multiple personalities, you should say "I" instead of "we."

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