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Published:September 6th, 2010 11:37 EST

Game Of Strip Monopoly Leads To Chaos

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Charges against a British man who allegedly assaulted two women while playing strip Monopoly were dropped when the women declined to testify.

The Blackpool, England, court heard Gary Williamson, 22, was playing a stripping version of the popular board game with his girlfriend and another woman at his apartment. The women began to argue when the other woman appeared to be flirting with Williamson once all three were naked, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday."UPI


According to Wikipedia more than one billion people have played Monopoly, but I bet only a few thousand have played strip Monopoly.

A game of Monopoly can last hours, if I have to wait that long for a woman to get completely naked she`d better be as hot as Angelina Jolie.

How does one play strip Monopoly? I will trade you Park Place and a couple of railroads for your bra?

Monopoly`s game pieces include a dog, top hat, and a race car. Are there special pieces for the strip version of the game? A naked mermaid, a miniature Snooki, and a condom?

It seems to me that strip Monopoly is just an excuse for folks to get naked. Why don`t the players strip at the beginning of the game, that way nobody will mind if the game drags on for hours.

Gary claims he was trying to keep the ladies apart to keep them from hurting one another. I tend to believe him, when a dude is with two naked ladies he may hit on them, but he would have no reason to hit them.

Gary is probably wishing that the ladies kiss and makeup, so he can play strip Monopoly with them again.

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