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Published:September 7th, 2010 15:08 EST
bart simpson

Did Bart Simpson Hack Electronic Highway Sign?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An electronic roadside information sign in Seattle was hacked to display the message `eat my shorts,` authorities said.


It`s unclear when the sign was hacked but a crew member from the SDOT re-coded the sign Sunday, removing the temporary source of amusement for West Seattle residents, KCPQ-TV, Tacoma, Wash., reported Monday. - UPI

bart simpson
This is a harmless, not a malicious prank. Indeed, I doubt that anybody besides SDOT got their panties in a bunch over the amusing prank. I bet that the altered sign elicited quite a few smiles as commuters drove to work.

It is the sort of mischievous joke that Bart Simpson would play. The message isn`t profane or subversive, it`s merely rude.

In some municipalities it`s a felony to alter a sign on an expressway, but I hope the hacker doesn`t get caught.

If caught, the hacker should be punished by writing "I will not alter highway signs" 100 times on a blackboard.

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