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Published:September 13th, 2010 09:53 EST
stripper pole

The 2010 Miss Pole Dance Canada To Be Crowned Next Weekend

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The 2010 Miss Pole Dance Canada will be crowned next weekend -- with no g-strings, nudity or provocative gestures, the event organizer says.

The competition is being staged by Tammy Morris, owner of a chain of workout studios in the Vancouver, British Columbia, area specializing in female fitness, The Vancouver Sun reported.

stripper pole

`There will be a day when people see the pole as a fitness tool,` said Morris." UPI

Dudes have a Pavlovian response to a stripper pole, as soon as they see one they start salivating, waiting for a hottie to start doing her thing. There will never be a day when people see the pole as a fitness tool; it will always be the mother of all phallic symbols.

Tammy is the same genius who offered pole-dance workouts to children this summer. How did that work out for you darling?

Morris may refer to the winner of the Miss Pole Dance Canada as a dancer or an athlete, but in the public`s eyes she will be known as a stripper - even is she doesn`t take off a stitch of clothing.

The stripper pole in Tammy`s gym may be referred to as a fitness tool, but how many of the women in her gym will fantasize about becoming exotic dancers, after losing a few pounds working out on the darn thing?

The winner of this dubious contest shouldn`t list it in her resume as one of her accomplishments.

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