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Published:August 26th, 2008 11:14 EST

SOP Reporter Will Roberts Wrangles the DNC

By SOP newswire2

Information about the Convention:

The 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver will be a first-rate, technically savvy Convention that will help put our presidential nominee on the path to victory for the November 2008 election. Working in partnership with the Denver Host Committee and the Denver community, our goal is to make the Convention an engaging celebration of the Democratic Party, the diversity we embrace, the values we share and our vision for America.

In keeping with the values of the 50-state strategy, the Convention in Denver will also embody our strong belief that if Democrats show up, stand up for what we believe, work hard and ask for votes, we can win up and down the ballot " everywhere - as we`ve seen with strong Democratic gains in the Western states.

The Denver Convention is an opportunity to highlight the importance of the West to the future of the Democratic Party and to broaden the conversation about what it truly means to be a "big tent" party beyond regional and ethnic diversity to include an expanding array of people who share our values.

We are committed to showcasing all aspects our Party, to be inclusive and accessible. Our leadership team represents the great diversity, integrity and talent of our Party, and we are making every effort to actively engage all communities in new and creative ways. The Denver community in particular is also an important partner in the Convention, and we look forward to engaging the people of Denver both in the lead-up to and during Convention week. Read more about volunteer opportunities here.

Already, we have announced a number of initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to a Convention that is inclusive and accessible in creative ways. In September, we launched Convention Conversations: A Traveling Forum Sponsored by the DNCC ? to include at least 10 community forums and provide residents in Denver, the state of Colorado and states throughout the Rocky Mountain West with opportunities for direct communication with top Convention organizers and a venue to ask questions, share ideas and find out how they can get involved. See where we`ve traveled and read more about the series here.

In an effort to give back to the Denver community hosting the 2008 Democratic National Convention, we introduced "DNCC Service Days" -- a year-long campaign of service outings that the DNCC will participate in during the lead-up to the four-day event in August. In choosing the issue areas of focus for the campaign " youth, environmental projects and the combined issues of homelessness and hunger " the DNCC looked to combine areas of need identified by city and community leaders with priorities among Convention organizers. The greening ? of Convention planning and an effort to spotlight leadership " including the leaders of tomorrow represented by youth in Denver and throughout the country " as well as the City`s strong commitment to addressing homelessness were all driving factors in developing the DNCC`s service platform. See who we`ve worked with and learn more about "DNCC Service Days" here.

We also aim to make the greening ? of the 2008 Democratic National Convention a comprehensive, long-term effort. Accordingly, Convention organizers are applying green planning principles to every decision we make during the lead-up to this four-day event, striving to design waste out at every turn. We look forward to producing one of the greenest political conventions in history.