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Published:August 27th, 2008 14:52 EST
Will Roberts the cowboy hits Denver, on a mission to rope a little Democratic Doggies

Will Roberts the cowboy hits Denver, on a mission to rope a little Democratic Doggies

By Will Roberts

Will Roberts Blazes a Trail Straight to the DNC

Well, I finally made it! Over a year of back and forth politics and debate as to who will represent each party going into the November 2008 presidential elections.

The best animals in Washington that normally run in each others circles, now are training themselves to run against each other. As a matter of fact each of these candidates wants to get as much distance from each other. The whole in an election is to disagree with the opposite side and agree with everything the voters want, at least until they get in the White house.

So, the American people have made there decision, their decision to throw two and only to candidates into the political ring and see who comes out unharmed and leaves the other in the ring beaten to a pulp. Most Americans like election years, because it gives us a year break from being the ones beat up by the politicians.

Denver Colorado, the home of cleaner air and Rocky Mountains. For this week though with this many politicians and media here they may just have to take Denver after the convention and lay it out on a rock. Scrub out all the Garbage, and fouls air that has accumulated here. Minnesotans watch carefully you all will need to do the same.

Anyhow, this week Denver is like Broadway to the Democrats. The bright lights, the attention, the applause and the wonderful feeling of having all the people around you shaking their heads in the right direction, up and down.  The only time democrats will move there heads side to side this week is to watch for on coming traffic in the shape of republican roadrunners.

Seems there are a couple of Republicans that have decided to crash the party and see if they can help Mc Cain pull focus. It is a good thing that the Democrats have lit up this whole city. I would hate to be the Republican stuck in a dark corner with this many fans roaming around looking for a Republican to disagree with.

And who says Republicans aren`t brave.

 - Will Roberts
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