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Published:October 14th, 2008 12:14 EST

Another ACORN from the Obama-Biden Tree of Deceit and Fraud?

By John Lillpop

Stunning Reportage


Everyone has known for a long time that Joe Biden is a plagiarist. That inconvenient truth was exposed a few years ago during an earlier, failed presidential campaign.

Thus, some were surprised when Barack Obama selected Biden as his running matter. Biden`s honesty, judgment, character, and literacy were sure to be questioned during the heat of a close race for the White House; so why provide the opposition with answers not favorable to the ticket?

As it turns out, Barack Obama may have been cavalier about Biden`s unethical abuse of the written word because of similar skeletons lurking about in the Messiah`s own closet.

Specifically, in a scholarly analysis of "Dreams from My Father," a book that Barack Obama claims to have written, Jack Cashill concludes,


`The emergence of a previously unseen writing sample proves all but conclusively that Barack Obama did not in any meaningful way write `Dreams from My Father,` the book Time Magazine has called `the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician.` `

Read Cashill`s entire article at the link below.

Of course, the obvious next question is:

If Obama and Biden are so flagrantly dishonest when it comes to writing as it appears, is there anything that either one says or does that can be taken at face value?

Or is this yet another ACORN falling from the Obama-Biden tree of deceit and fraud?