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Published:October 16th, 2008 12:38 EST
Obama the Elitist Should Listen to Joe the Plumber

Obama the Elitist Should Listen to Joe the Plumber

By John Lillpop

Barack Obama`s exchange with "Joe the plumber" has been well chronicled in the media. However, Barack Obama and the Marxists who support him in the Democrat Party do not really understand Joe`s message.

Given the opportunity to speak more expansively, Joe the plumber would probably say something like the following:

"Senator Obama, I do not believe that you fully understand my point.

You see, most Americans come from families of very modest means. Very few `average` Americans can afford a Harvard education and all of the financial and social benefits that come to people who can afford a world class education.

While you and your lovely wife are well educated lawyers who have no concerns about paying the mortgage or feeding your family or educating your children, that is not our world.

We must work long and hard for everything just to survive.

Our world requires sacrifice and more sacrifice just to buy a home, provide for our children, plan for their education, and pay the local, state, and federal taxes we are already burdened with.

Our world requires working on tedious and boring jobs just to make ends meet each month.

Despite the drudgery of just surviving, we have made the sacrifices required.

We have secured the vocational training needed to do our work. We give our employers an honest day of labor for an honest wage.

Through grit and non-ending sacrifice, we have improved ourselves and the prospects for a better future for our children.

Through hard work and sacrifice, we have achieved a very modest amount of "wealth."

Now you, a millionaire attorney who lives in a large mansion, want to redistribute our `wealth` at your discretion?

With all respect, senator, not only do you not understand average Americans, you simply do not understand why America is the greatest nation in human history.

If you are elected president, senator, before rushing to convert America into a socialist nation, please answer the following question, honestly, to your own satisfaction:

Why has socialism failed in every nation in which it has been attempted?

Thank you."

All Americans should ask themselves that same question before turning this great nation over to a confirmed Marxist.