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Published:October 28th, 2008 11:40 EST
 More Than $150,000 Wardrobe Needed to Hide Biden's Goofy Persona!

More Than $150,000 Wardrobe Needed to Hide Biden's Goofy Persona!

By John Lillpop

Satire By John W. Lillpop

While the mainstream media waxes righteous indignation over Governor Palin`s wardrobe, it`s costs, and political, social, and Constitutional ramifications, the ever so daft Joe Biden skates into la-la land with gaffe after gaff, without so much as a dissenting whimper.

Biden, lest we forget, is the air head who recently "guaranteed" an international crisis if Barack Obama is elected. Earlier in the campaign, Biden ticked off the Messiah by calling the campaign mocking of John McCain a "terrible" thing.

Joe did come dangerously close to getting one right when he stated the obvious: Hillary Clinton would have been a better VP choice than his dreary old self.

On the other hand, the real Joe Biden came to the fore during a recent television interview in which reporter Barbara West had the temerity to ask the addled senator several "unfair" questions.
Unfair as in "What about the ACORN nuts, Joe?", and "Given Obama`s `spread the wealth` manifesto, is he a Marxist?"

Biden responded to these "unfair" intrusions into Obamamania with the first nervous breakdown broadcast on HD television during prime time.

It was as though the few functioning brain cells left in Biden`s very old brain exploded into a crescendo of anger over the audacity of that broadcast beach to challenge the Obama mission to save humankind from capitalism, democracy, and Republicanism.

How dare she? Is she fool enough to believe that she can man handle the Chosen One while hiding behind some flimsy first amendment argument?

The DNC agreed completely with Biden and immediately announced that the offending station would no longer be allowed to interview Obama or Biden, or even Biden`s wife.

How clever of the Democrats to wage a simultaneous assault on free speech and the "Fairness Doctrine" in one arrogant misstep. With that sort of efficiency, America could end up under UN control and a member of the European Union within six months after the Obama wrecking crew invades the White House!

Back to the pitiful Joe Biden: Unlike Governor Palin, who is a young and beautiful human being and NOT a Washington insider, Joe Biden has been pigging out at the public trough for over 35 years!

If ever there were a politician who represented the "status quo," and the antithesis of CHANGE, it would be Joe Biden! His selection as the VP nominee should, in and of itself, be enough to disqualify Barack Obama from consideration for any post higher than midnight basketball organizer in downtown Chicago.

Which leads one to wonder:

Should Team Obama look into a wardrobe upgrade for Joe Biden? Would $150,000 in new clothes be enough to hide the incompetence of Delaware`s least favorite son?