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Published:November 27th, 2008 16:11 EST
Bill Richardson's Unrequited Support

Bill Richardson's Unrequited Support

By John Lillpop

When the Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton wars were at their greatest ferocity last spring, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson took a calculated risk and endorsed Obama.

Richardson`s endorsement rankled plenty of Clintonistas because of his prior service in the Clinton administration, and alleged close personal ties to both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

At the time, Richardson stated his belief that Obama represented the best chance for the Democrat Party to regain control of theWhite House.

That explanation served only to further enrage the Clintons and ignite a fume that still burns non-stop.

Turns out that Richardson`s hunch was right. Barack Obama, with an assist fromGeorge W. Bush andHenry Paulson, was an easy winner on November 4.

That would seem to place Richardson in an excellent position to cherry pick a prestigious gig in the new administration, right?

Like Secretary of State or other highly coveted cabinet position.

Instead, Obama appears ready to plop Richardson into the Commerce Secretary`s office, a decent position for sure, but nothing compared to Secretary of State.

Even more distressing for Richardson, Obama has decided to invite Hillary Rodham Clinton to his cabinet, as-- Secretary of State!

How`s that for playing fair and rewarding one`s supporters?

Last July, remember, Hillary Clinton was warning that Obama was an inexperienced junior senator with no real accomplishments to his credit. She even warned that the young man might fall victim to assassination, a not-too-subtle reminder of the fact that the Clintons will do damn near anything to win.

Even after all of that, Obama picks Hillary Clinton over Bill Richardson for Secretary of State?

What is going on here?

Why is the CHANGE fanatic discriminating against a plump brown male just to pamper to an over the hill, over 60, white feminist?