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Published:December 25th, 2008 18:01 EST
A Trifecta of Corrupt Democrats

A Trifecta of Corrupt Democrats

By John Lillpop

How odd that, in the very year in which conservatives were taken to the whipping shed by voters all across America, it was the Democrat Party that was plagued by scandal and corruption in high places.

2008 delivered what was literally a trifecta of corruption and scandal among prominent liberals.

Sexual scandal in the form of adultery ensnared John Edwards, a viable presidential candidate in 2008 and former senator from North Carolina, who was famous for his compassion and willingness to stand up for the down trodden.

Except, that is, when the downtrodden happened to be his own wife, a victim of inoperable breast cancer.

Carnal lust overpowered Edwards` celebrated compassion and drove the ambulance chaser into the arms and breasts of another woman.

From the Deep South, the stench of sexual crime and political slime drifted northward, to claim yet another Democrat liberal powerhouse.

This time, the net of shame ensnared none other than the on the rise Eliot Spitzer, a man many saw as destined for great things on the national stage.

Spitzer`s date with manifest destiny was turned into mush when his dalliances with a prostitution ring called the Emperor`s Club VIP became public knowledge.

Seems as though Eliot enjoyed spending time with call girls whom enjoyed taking $1,000 of his money for every hour spent with the governor.

Only a liberal Democrat would spend $1,000 an hour for a fling with a floozy in Washington, D.C., when the same thing could have been arranged for a Valentine`s card and a box of chocolates in the governor`s mansion!

That takes us to the great state of Illinois, where Governor Rod Blagojevich was trying to sell the U.S. Senate seat made vacant by Barack Obama`s purchase of the White House.

Blagojevich`s "Pay for Play" auction was captured on FBI wiretaps, including enough "Expletive Deleted" zingers to make Richard M. Nixon turn over in his grave.

Governor Blagojevich and his equally potty-mouthed spouse introduced "F-gate" into the lexicon of contemporary politics.

Did I mention that all of these sleaze peddlers are DEMOCRATS?

Edwards, Spitzer, and Blagojevich joined the Democrat culture of corruption which already included the likes of Charles Rangel and William Jefferson, both up to their eye balls in scandal normally reserved for upscale white crooks. Truly, America has become colorblind!

In addition, there are undisclosed crimes including the ineligibility of Barack Obama to run for presidency, rampant voter fraud committed by ACORN personnel on Obama`s behalf, and the role of lefties like Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, and other liberals in the housing-mortgage loan/economic collapse fiasco.

All in all, 2008 was a record year of corruption from the political sector.

Did I mention that they are ALL Democrats?