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Published:December 28th, 2008 11:40 EST
"Sweet" Caroline?

"Sweet" Caroline?

By John Lillpop

When John F. Kennedy was but 43 years of age, he managed to win the presidency of the United States, although his victory was tainted by a highly suspect vote count from Cook County run by and for Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago.

Before being elected to the presidency, JFK was a decorated World hero. After the war, he represented Massachusetts in the U.S. House from 1947 to 1953 and in the U.S. Senate from 1953 until 1960.

JFK was a man of great accomplishment before he even turned 40. Tragically, his service to the nation cost him his life on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

In the way of contrast, JFK`s daughter, Caroline, recently turned 51. Thanks to her famous father, Caroline has lived a life of opulence and privilege; however, unlike her father, she has given nothing back to the nation or her community in the way of service.

At 51, she has absolutely no political experience or other credentials needed to serve as a U.S. senator. In fact, Caroline Kennedy is nearly as unqualified to replace Hillary Clinton in the U. S. Senate as Barack Obama is to move into the Oval Office.

However, at least Barack Obama put forth the effort to get elected to high office.

Caroline Kennedy wants the power and prestige of a U.S. Senator, sans the drudgery and pain of campaigning and being elected. She even refuses to disclose her vital information, but promises to do so IF APPOINTED.

After eight years of suffering at the hands of Senator Hillary Clinton, the good people of New York deserve a qualified, reasonable, and moderate voice in the U.S. Senate.

Caroline Kennedy is none of the above.

Fortunately for Governor Dave Paterson and the people of his state, there are thousands of New Yorkers whom are vastly more qualified and deserving to serve in the U.S. Senate than Caroline Kennedy.

Let me offer a noble New Years Resolution for Governor Paterson: Do not replace a conniving feminist liar with a spoiled, inexperienced, and selfish diva!