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Published:January 6th, 2009 12:49 EST
Al Franken

Chaos in the U.S. Senate: Senator Al Franken? Roland Burris Not?

By John Lillpop

Everyone knows that the Democrat Party is comprised of lairs, crooks, and near crooks, all suffering from various degree of mental insanity. That is to be expected of anyone who dabbles in liberalism, the root of all insanity in the galaxy.

Al FrankenHowever, Democrats have not, until now, been known as particularly stupid beings. Yes, their policies are mindless nonsense, but most liberals are capable of complex multi-tasking.

Like talking and lying at the same time, for instance.

But the 111th Congress has exposed a remarkable incidence of pure, unadulterated stupidity among Democrat faithful in the ranks of the United States Senate.

Specifically, Harry Reid and crew are committed to seating a known pornographer, failed comedian, and failed talk-show host from Minnesota, even though the individual involved, the despicable Al Franken, faces significant ongoing legal and political challenges from Republican, Norm Coleman.

The striking thing is that while Democrats are willing to seat a very bad joke among their august selves, they are stead fast in refusing to seat Roland Burris, a man with impeccable credentials whom, with the exception of his party affiliation, seems more than qualified.

Burris is the black gentleman from Illinois who was appointed by Governor Rod Blagojevich to take the place of Barack Obama.

Although Blago-gate is disgusting, it is typical of the Democrat party in Illinois.

Besides, the appointment by the demented governor appears legal, and no one is seriously questioning the qualifications of Mr. Burris.

Why, then, is the Democrat party intent on rejecting Burris while seating an unfunny pornographer?

What next, Harry? Senator Caroline Kennedy?

How far can you lower the bar without destroying the institution?