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Published:January 26th, 2009 00:06 EST
Is a "Kennedy-free" Senate Possible in Our Lifetime?

Is a "Kennedy-free" Senate Possible in Our Lifetime?

By John Lillpop

Heaven knows that I do not, never have, and never would wish misfortune on U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy. The esteemed gentlemen from Massachusetts has given America nearly 48 years of public service, including several days of sobriety, usually part of a short-lived commitment to Lent or a bar room wager.

Although I disagree with Kennedy`s political ideology, it is my fervent hope that he lives to be 112 and that his death is due to drowning when his intoxicated 29 year old female companion drives his two-passenger wheel chair off a bridge and then decides to leave the old man submerged in the water until the next morning.

Yogi Berra would call it "De ja vu, all over again," but I call it "What goes around, comes around!"

Kennedy`s death, whenever that sad eventuality occurs, will usher in a new era of Change in American politics: A Kennedy-free U.S. Senate.

How ironic that, with the most liberal president in history and with a very liberal Congress in place, the first family of liberalism will not be represented.

Caroline`s Kennedy`s aborted attempt to strong arm her way onto the floor on the U.S. Senate may be the last abuse of power coming from the Kennedy Klan and may finally liberate Camelot from all of the bad press of the past 48 years!