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Published:January 14th, 2006 10:17 EST
The Secret of Success

The Secret of Success

By Inactive Writer

The reasons why people succeed in their careers are as numerous as the number of successful people. When we begin to think about the qualities these people possess, it becomes apparent that we can classify or categorize them into a few specific groups "those who really enjoy their work, those who are obsessed with their work (they either want to be the best " or have a fear of failure), those who are blessed with exceptional talent in their field, and those who have planned their work and worked their plan.

The first group of people with successful careers I`d like to discuss is those who simply enjoy their work. This group of people is very fortunate, or lucky if you prefer, because they have found a job they do well and can do it without having to deal with the negativity normally associated with work. They get up every morning, head to work, and are glad to be going, unlike most of us who can only think about all of the other things we would rather be doing. With this group, few things give them as much pleasure in life as knowing that although today`s work is done, they can do it all again tomorrow. Having that kind of outlook on ones career is a success, despite how much money you make or how well you perform at work.

In the next group, we find individuals who are obsessed with their work. These people have no room in life for anything but their career. Friends, family, marriage, recreation all come secondary to success in the work place. Two basic types exist. One is the person who has to be the Best. It makes no difference what they are doing; this individual will pour every ounce of their heart and soul into being successful. The other type is essentially no different from the first one I`ve described. Primarily the difference lies in their motivation "this person is successful due to a fear of failure. Although, the driver is different, the means by which they achieve their goal is the same; they pour heart and soul into accomplishing success.

There are others who can attribute success in their career to nothing more than exceptional talent. They have an uncanny ability to perform at a level unmatched by any one else. The people who fall into this category most often come to mind when we think of careers in sports. This is not to say that our sports superstars have not devoted a lifetime of work toward being a successful athlete and I would never slight their personal sacrifices or the hard work they have endured. However, I do believe it safe to say that juke`m and duke`m moves like Barry Sanders (former running back for the Detroit Lines) and stretched out, flying through the air, finger tip, receptions like Jerry Rice (wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers) cannot be taught or coached; you are born with that kind of talent and it has lead to the success of many an athletes in most every sport. This same kind of talent, although not as readily identifiable, exists in many other career fiends as well. I`m sure that many doctors` lawyers, artists, etc. owe their success to an exceptional amount of raw talent at what they do.

 In the last group, I am going to identify, we find those individuals who have a very calculated plan for success. They have sat down at the table at some point in their life and determined this is what I am going to do, how I am going to do it, and I will be successful if I just plan my work and work my plan. In my life, I have had the pleasure of knowing several individuals who fall into this category. The majority of them have been people who are successful in the Amway business. To many this will probably seem as though I have uttered a four-letter word, but nonetheless, they do fall into this category. They have made a conscious decision to be in the business, they have decided how they are going to work the business, and in doing so have planned the work and worked the plan.

One other common thread among the successful people, regardless of which of the categories they fall into, that should be mentioned here is this--they almost always associate with, surround themselves by, or congregate with others who are successful in their careers also. Why? Because success breeds success and they know this.

Originally contributed by a writer who is no longer affiliated with theSOP.