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Published:August 9th, 2006 08:45 EST
Summer Reading: make or break you

Summer Reading: make or break you

By Michael Tugendhat

If you are a High school student then you know that the workload of the school year doesn't dissapear when you clock out of school. The anticipation of summer creates an anxious buzz around the student body and energetic discussions about vacation plans. Your teachers give you some last thoughts and words of wisdom about the next challenging year on the horizon. Then it comes out, "the summer assignment". Some students cringe and shudder in pain as the words roll off of the teachers tongue. The assignment really isn't that tremendously terrible if you actually take a moment to think about the amount of time that they are giving you, and the accumulated work-load itself.


I think I have finally recognized why all of this hatred is directed toward these assignments. The essence of the work itself is not responsible for the lackluster attitude; however it's the motivation and interest of the students themselves that makes it a turn-off. The feeling and vibe of summer grants freedom, a break, and an essential vacation from education. Also, it's that you are required to read a from a specified list, and aren't granted any room for modifications.


Honestly, I enjoy keeping my mind up to par throughout the entire year; however there are probably many people who would disagree with this. The complaint that I would want justified would be that we should be given a wider range of books. Different people have certain interests in specified genres; I don’t think you should be forced to read four plays if you can't stand them. Yes, there is a limit to this reach for individuality but there should be an attempt for change. I think if there's change, more students would be turned onto the idea of reading and the beauty of knowledge. This would also give those habits and a good lifestyle for their years to come.