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Published:January 1st, 2007 06:10 EST
Station Camp High School

Station Camp High School

By Sarah Schwarz

Station Camp High School, many thought was a wonderful high school to put your children into. They had a nice clean campus.  They have a wonderful football field and an awesome track.

Seemed to be trustworthy teachers and nice trustworthy principals and vice principals. The first week of school was nice. The children seemed nice, the teachers were nice...but as the weeks passed and they got into the semester things started changing.

Things started being unfair.

The very first fight broke out after school by the busses. A young lady hit another girl and kept hitting her. So the girl that was getting beat up on of course tried pushing this girl off of her. Finally a teacher came in and took the girl off the other.

No punishment was given then.
The next day at school they called the girl that got attacked to the office and she was given 3 days of out of school suspension for defending herself.

This seems very unfair. The principal told Dawn Wall, the girl’s mother that had gotten attacked that every fight that happens in the school defending yourself or not you will get 3 days of out of school suspension. So the girl took her punishment, both girls did.