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Published:April 25th, 2007 05:38 EST
I Don't Want to Hear the Word, Stress

I Don't Want to Hear the Word, Stress

By Patricia Irizarry

While sitting in my Spanish class, the professor wanted to discuss with everyone how we were preparing for our finals.  One classmate sighed and said, I`m stressed. "  Professor Joselin Tovar calmly looked at the student and whispered, I don`t want to hear the word "stress.` "

For many college students, finals are just around the corner.  It is that time of year where you can find the students burying their heads in textbooks, attached to their computers writing papers, living in the libraries or their respected campus buildings putting together presentations "all in one week.  I will be one of these students, cramming for finals for I have five starting this Thursday and two papers due very soon as well.

When my Spanish professor told the class she did not want to hear the word "stress,` it had me thinking:  some of us do take stress too seriously.  Throughout this past semester, I found myself having major paranoia whenever I turned in important papers or gave presentations, thinking I would do poorly on them.  It turned out, I received an A+ on one presentation and my papers all received good results.  Why did I stress so much when everything went well in the end?

I see fellow classmates and friends freaking out over major papers or the fact that they have three finals in one day.  Finals are definitely stressful to prepare for but we must take a moment to relax.  With relaxation comes a great result at the end of the day.

For any college student (or professor) who is frustrated about their finals, you will be fine.  Study hard but not too hard "you do not want to overwhelm yourself.  One more thing " I don`t want to hear the word "stress.` "