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Published:May 9th, 2007 06:06 EST
UCF:  Wildfires, Environmental Health & Safety

UCF: Wildfires, Environmental Health & Safety

By SOP newswire

Smoke from wildfires that are burning in both Georgia and Florida will continue to affect our region for the next several days.  Many of these fires are in Lake and Volusia counties, which are in UCF's service area, and which have the potential to affect all UCF campuses with airborne smoke.

Please monitor local news reports on these fires in the event that road closures occur.  Such closures may affect official UCF business travel, as well as our regular commutes to, and from, work.

Finally, persons with respiratory difficulties or allergies should try to limit their time outdoors during days that have heavy smoke.  UCF buildings have filters on our air conditioning equipment that effectively reduce smoke particulates.  Also, while travelling in the car, we advise that you run your car's air conditioning system on "recirculate."  On many cars, this is done by keeping the "A/C" button "on," while simultaneously keeping the outside air intake "off."   On other cars, it is done by keeping the "A/C" control on "max."  This will maintain cooling, but cut down on the number of smoke particulates entering the car's interior.

Please call Environmental Health & Safety at (407) 823-6300 if you have any questions or concerns.

Submitted By:  Jim Uhlir