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Published:July 21st, 2007 09:21 EST
Life After College: Not so Fun

Life After College: Not so Fun

By Tristan Mack

Well, after the end of yet another summer, I realized that this would be the first time in my life when I don`t have the prospect of school or classes to look forward to in the coming months.  Instead, I have the nagging fear of being stuck in an hourly-wage paying job, until I can find something else.  For the moment though, nothing seems to be available.  In other words, it is very hard to find a REAL job.  It feels as if I am spending all of my time writing resumes and giving them to people that I know will not even read them.  Jobs require either too much experience or not enough pay, or worse yet, require me to relocate to the Jersey shore. 

There has to be an easier way to get a job than this constant viscous cycle of continued rejection.  I mean, this is not a middle school date.  I did not see myself in this situation three years ago, hoping to be an unemployed graduate. However, at least I`m halfway there.  Instead, I found myself in new territory, eerily unfamiliar to myself, and most others I have befriended over the past four years. 

No longer are we creatures of regular habit, subjected to the linoleum lights of a basement classroom.  Now, the future and all its prospects, loom upon us without any kind of distinction.  At least when we were in high school, we knew the future, or at the very least, what to expect from it.  We would graduate one institution, to be placed in another, choose a major, and go from there. 

Now, I don`t have that safety net or the knowledge of tomorrow and what it will bring.  All I have now is a tingling, slightly nauseating sensation every time my future prospects come to mind.  Good times.

Don`t get me wrong, I love my life.  I have great friends, an interesting job to say the least and at the moment, a semi decent tan.  It`s just a scary notion when you finally realize that life is just now beginning; that the training wheels are no longer on and the road to nowhere is laid out for you without any sense of direction or true path.  For the first time, I am really on my own, without direction and without guidance. 

I could become anything right now.  A crack dealer on the streets or a tabloid reporter hitting the streets.  I could become a secretary or stay in the same dead-end job I`m in now.  The point is that these options are all before me without the boundaries of education and parents to stop me from making stupid choices.  At this point, I really could do anything I want to, except the one thing I really want to; be a freshmen again.