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Published:August 1st, 2007 15:16 EST
A New Network that Profiles for Fraternities and Sororities

A New Network that Profiles for Fraternities and Sororities

By SOP newswire

San Diego, CA -  A new social networking site that Highlights on college students all over the world, which has special focus on Sororities and Fraternities. is a new social networking site for college students all over the world. BeyondU is a new type of site with a familiar flair that focuses more on the student allowing them to increase their productivity by placing useful sources right at their fingertips. One of unique highlights of BeyondU will be profile pages for fraternities and sororities; this is something that no other site has! This will be an available feature for every college and University in the country!

Bill has been involved with many different colleges and their Greek organizations, after talking with many other students over the years he found that the most common gripe has been that there was not a site out there for Greek and student organizations except for a few basic forums. This made it very difficult to get last minute help on homework or when studying for a test or midterm. Plus he [Bill] found that is was very difficult to contact former classmates and teachers, after college. As with most every great idea, necessity is the mother of invention so that is when BeyondU was born! has six unique profiles for members: Individuals, Artist, Bands, Organizations (groups), Fraternities, and Sororities. All profiles are customizable, and all but Individuals and Artists profiles separate their Members from their Friends/Fans.

BeyondU is more than just for college students and Greeks, It’s for everyone. BeyondU is loaded with features, you can check out your favorite band, get information out about your band. You can chat with friends, post photos and find friends that you thought you would never see again! Also members can rate Professors, Dorms, and Apartments. Students can create their class list and exchange messages with others in their class. A student can also find and/or become a tutor and find a study partner or study group. There is a full classifieds section. There is a full calendar that anyone can post events for. Students can see all events that will be going on their college. Members can leave comments on other profiles, show off their photos and customize their profile to suit their needs and personality.

“If BeyondU can help a college student, who is studying late at night, find the answer they are looking for.” Said Bill “I feel it has all been worth it.”

For more information, contact:

Bill Mathews
Phone: (619) 587-4358