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Published:August 19th, 2007 11:27 EST
What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?

What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?

By Sean Stubblefield

Certainty is an illusion. Once you believe a thing certain, it cannot be any other way, from your vantage. Options, opportunities, potentials, … they are arbitrarily and artificially limited, stifled. Things become absolute, definite. Certainty brings order-- or the appearances of it, but our experiential reality is not absolutely ordered, uncertain. Rather than accept uncertainty, fools dismiss their own experiences, their own senses, their own suspicions-- if it contradicts their paradigm-- to sustain an impression of order, of certainty… despite however false or tentative. Is it really better to have a bad or wrong idea than no idea?


But only in uncertainty can we gain understanding, only there may we be open to it. If you assert and impose certainties, then your perceptions are susceptible to manipulations. Within that gullibility and ignorance, reality itself becomes unreal, as we see it. The unexplained and undiscovered are magic and mystery. A life worth living is not in the answers, but in the questions that answers manifest.

In certainty, all is known; if nothing is unknown, then there is nothing to learn, nothing new to experience. We could only ever be one thing; and how tragically and unnecessarily unfortunate a fate that would be.

Uncertainty should be appreciated and celebrated, because there in lies the power and freedom to create… to find our own identity and destiny.

Imminent & infinite potentials. Combinations, all around us.

What we do is who we are. We need not do anything but merely be. Connections are created, creations are connected. We believe in what we support, by supporting what we believe in. Thus, do we build a sight to behold.