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Published:September 2nd, 2007 05:37 EST
Look! Student Opportunities at the CIA

Look! Student Opportunities at the CIA

By SOP newswire

Contribute to the work of the nation before you graduate. Apply to participate in one of the outstanding student work programs at the CIA, including undergraduate student internships or undergraduate co-ops, and graduate studies programs.

This is an opportunity to learn from highly skilled professionals who support US officials that make our country`s foreign policy. You`ll assist with substantive and meaningful work assignments, while earning a competitive income and gaining invaluable practical experience. There`s no better place to learn than at the center of intelligence.


Student opportunities are highly competitive. You are expected to meet the same employment standards as permanent employees. Applicants must be US citizens and should have a strong academic record (3.0 GPA or better). Foreign language skills, previous international residency and military experience are pluses. Outstanding interpersonal skills, the ability to write clearly and accurately, and a strong interest in foreign affairs are necessary. As part of the hiring process, you must successfully complete medical and polygraph examinations as well as a background investigation.

Student positions offer salaries competitive with the private sector and the same benefits as permanent employees. Students in agency-sponsored programs are also eligible to apply for a one-time tuition assistance award for the last year of study if a job offer has been extended and a minimum GPA is maintained.

All student assignments are located in the Washington, D.C. area. The CIA cannot provide students with housing, however, services are provided that will assist you in identifying affordable, temporary and convenient accommodations.

Overview of Student Opportunities

Undergraduate Scholarship Program

If you are a high school senior planning to enroll in a 4- or 5-year college program, or you are a college sophomore enrolled in a 4- or 5-year college program, who is looking for career experience in a dynamic environment, apply to the CIA`s Undergraduate Scholar Program. The application period is July 15 " November 1. To apply for this position visit the Undergraduate Scholarship Program page.

The Undergraduate Scholar Program was developed, in part, to assist minority and disabled students, but application is open to all students who meet the requirements. The program offers unmatched experience. You`ll complete work sessions during each summer break, increasing your knowledge and job responsibilities while assisting intelligence professionals and applying your academic skills.

We believe in challenging our Scholars with meaningful work that relates to their college major. An IT major, for example, might be given increasingly complex projects involving sophisticated computer systems. An engineering major might help produce a piece of state-of-the-art equipment. A finance major could be involved in developing and analyzing budgets for a worldwide operation. A foreign language major might be instrumental in translating documents for US policymakers. As a final example, a human resource major could have the opportunity to develop and implement personnel policies and procedures.

Once selected, you will be given an annual salary; an optional benefits package that includes health, dental and vision insurance, life insurance, and retirement; and up to $18,000 per calendar year for tuition, mandatory fees, books, and supplies. You`ll be required to work at an Agency facility in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area during summer breaks and to maintain full-time college status during the school year with a minimum cumulative 3.0/4.0 GPA. We will pay the cost of transportation between school and the Washington, D.C. area each summer and provide a housing allowance.

Because the Scholar Program is an investment in you, accepting an offer means making a career choice. We ask that you agree to continue employment with the Agency after college graduation for a period equal to 1.5 times the length of your college sponsorship.

The Scholar Program is extremely competitive. We ask that all applicants meet the following requirements:

  • US citizenship

  • 18 years of age by April 1

  • 1000 SAT (Math and Verbal) or 21 ACT scores or higher (high school students)

  • 3.0/4.0 scale high school or college GPA or higher

  • Financial need as demonstrated by the household income ceiling of $70,000 for a family of four, and $80,000 for a family of five or more

  • Meet the same employment standards as permanent employees, successfully completing both security and medical processing

  • Available to work in the Washington, DC area during your periods of employment

If you are eligible for this Program, apply online between July 15 " November 1. Qualified applicants will be contacted and asked to provide the following information to supplement their online application:

  • SAT or ACT scores (For high school seniors who are taking the SAT or ACT in the fall, please make note of your test date in the application package. All fall test scores must be sent (postmarked) no later than January 15.)

  • Names and ages of all family dependents and your gross family income for current and previous years

  • A copy of your most current Federal Application for Financial Student Aid Form (FAFSA) or SAR must be submitted upon request.

  • A copy of your school transcripts

  • Two letters of recommendation

Undergraduate Co-Op Program

Our cooperative education program began in 1961 to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to gain work experience in combination with their academic studies.

Over the years, the Co-Op Program has provided benefits, both short- and long-term, to students as well as the Agency. You will be given the opportunity to participate in the vital work of the Agency, to gain unmatched experience and to become acquainted with professionals in the intelligence field. At the same time, the Agency will be able to assess your potential for future permanent employment.

We seek highly motivated undergraduates studying a wide variety of fields, including engineering, computer science, mathematics, economics, physical sciences, foreign languages, area studies, business administration, accounting, international relations, finance, logistics, human resources, geography, national security studies, military and foreign affairs, political science and graphic design.

Co-Op Students are often selected from academic institutions with established cooperative education programs, though not exclusively. You will work on an alternating semester or quarterly basis and are expected to spend a minimum of three semesters or four quarters (this can include a summer tour) on the job prior to graduation. You`ll be provided with increasingly challenging assignments that are commensurate with your academic training and ability to assume additional responsibility.