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Published:November 14th, 2007 04:30 EST
The Power Smile

The Power Smile

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Like the power of electricity, your smile is full of electric energy.  Sending warm currents of joy everywhere it`s released.   The Power Smile will show you how to influence the world and take back your future. 

It`s in your smile "

The depth of what kind of person you are is in your smile.  If we could ask Leonardo Da Vinci about the magic of the Mona Lisa he`d probably never tell, but the secret is " it`s in her smile.   There trapped underneath the skin and locked in the muscle is a secret that`s been hidden for generations inside that little smile of yours.  So if you have a minute, I`d like to introduce you to my little friend that is more influential than a dozen Mona Lisa`s in all the museums in the world.

How the smile influences "

These days, everybody`s talking about influence from Dr. Robert Cialdini, who wrote the book "Influence" to my friend Dave Lakhani author of "Persuasion".   But the way you influence the world, your life, and your entire future are all rolled up and hidden inside that smile of yours.  All of your joy, all of your happiness, and every bit of your enthusiasm can be unleashed at your own will.   You have so much control over where you`re going and how fast you`ll get there, you might be surprised. 

Get your smiling benefits "

So what are the benefits of the Power smile?   There are many, but one major influential benefit is that you can change and alter your emotional state.   That`s right you can influence how happy you are.   Everywhere I speak to audiences they`re impressed to know they control the ---Happy Meter--- inside of themselves.  Soon you`ll be practicing this virtually unknown little secret all the time.   When people ask me why I smile so much, I tell them "because smiling triggers and releases endorphins in the brain".  And that release sends a wave of happiness through out your entire body.

Power smiling builds your self-esteem

There are many times you`ll be standing in front of a mirror today so let those be the moments you Power Smile.   In the bathroom at home, school or work, look at yourself " Power smile and accept that you`re changing your future smile by smile.  Each smile at yourself builds inner confidence, and every smile at anyone else builds stronger relationships.   Now when others smile back at you you`re on the road to greatness.  Soon enough, you`ll find yourself smiling all the time and feeling so much better.   Smiling carries with it the Law of Sowing and Reaping and the Law of Attraction.   As you sow smiling you reap the harvest of smiles from others, and this in turn builds up your self-esteem.   You begin to attract to yourself those who smile and I`ve found those who smile often are so much easier to get along with because they`re happier.  

Are You Smiling yet? " 

So why do people ignore this small but secret weapon?  I`m not sure, but if you knew that smiling could immediately lift the state of your emotional being you`d be doing more Power Smiling more often. Try it and share your experiences with me at .Remember there are no real problems only a failure to be more creative than we`ve ever been. If you invent your opportunity, you`ll create your future.  

Is there anything else I can do for you? 

Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE 

(c) 2007 by Deremiah *CPE, Customer Passion Executive

Deremiah *CPE, Customer Passion Executive.  A "Top 25" Marketing Expert on  This Nightingale Conant Award-Winning Speaker, Artist & Inventor, has shown hundreds of Customer Passion Evangelist, CEO`s, Consultants and Sales people how to use his simple but tremendous techniques.   Using the Servant`s Mentality to expand the footprint of many companies as he increases customer relationships and simultaneously helps At-Risk Children in the communities where you do business every day. Reach Deremiah at .