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Published:November 17th, 2007 13:27 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Deremiah about Raising $100 Million for at Risk Children

Judyth Piazza chats with Deremiah about Raising $100 Million for at Risk Children

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


Jerry Lewis Inspired Deremiah *CPE $100 Million Dollar Dream, Snatching At Risk Children out of the mouth of poverty, one at a time.

Once a child at risk, Deremiah *CPE-- a Chicago Uptown native-- not only overcame poverty, but he overcame thoughts of suicide. Now he`s got an education, a hand full of corporate friends and a huge dream of raising $100 Million for At Risk children.

Mentoring nearly 50 children a year, this award-winning motivational speaker`s dream is not for himself. He lives and breathes his mission to change the lives of hurting children for the better. Working on only 6 hours of sleep a night, the man known as Deremiah *CPE works nearly 14 hours a day for the children he inspires. The kids who adore him have names like Porsche, Gino, Beatrice, Ben, Jacqui, Reyna, Shakela, Rockie " the list goes on, well over into the thousands. Why is he so committed to these multi-ethnic kids?

Well, the main reason is that he loves them, but he also sees himself in each child.

He says, "With each child that I help, it`s like I`m reaching back to my past to pull myself along. As I`m helping some child reach the dream of their future, I`m healing the part of me that once needed that same help. Do you feel me? I haven`t met one single person that hasn`t been willing, in some way, to help me with this dream, but my question today is to the world. Will you help me offer a child a better way of life?"

Once down on his luck and with a dream that lay broken before him like shards of scattered glass, Deremiah began to rebuild after having a life changing experience.
He focuses you on the dream "
Deremiah knows that $100 million dollars is not an impossible amount of money to raise. Bill Gates has given that much to AIDS in Africa, and there are many others giving millions of dollars to all kinds of other legitimate causes. What`s more important than raising the money? Getting those people focused on the dream to actually do the work. Like Jerry Lewis was the catalyst to raising money on his Telethons, Deremiah wants to be the fuel behind getting people in every community across the world to partake in helping Children At-Risk.

Mike Koenig, a very well known Business consultant, internet strategist and friend of Deremiah *CPE, advised him to bring 10,000 kids out of inner city poverty and inspire them to obtain high quality white-collar jobs within 10 years. So, Deremiah is challenging corporations to focus more on the dream and the results of what that will mean for them.
Oil Dri Corporation of America focused on Deremiah, and look what they got "
Corporations like Oil Dri Corporation of America, Monsanto, Allied Van Lines, W.W. Grainger, Nabisco and Brachs candy were all corporate donors who helped provide scholarship donations for Deremiah`s college education, and look what they got. The results of their giving have motivated the successful efforts of a student who has now become an Award-winning motivational speaker, giving in huge ways back to communities all over the world. Some of Deremiah`s partners are people like Mike Jais, of Jais Incorporated, who has teamed up with Deremiah to sponsor Greeting cards by children. Deremiah has another idea-- to go to Hallmark and create some more magic.

Dr. John Mason, an expert dentist in St. Charles Illinois, has worked with Deremiah to provide dental work for At-Risk Children. Now Deremiah is partnering with Earl Talbot, an amazing drummer and composer who is working with Deremiah to do some positive motivational musical tracks designed specifically to give kids some positive music to listen to.
If you`re interested in helping Deremiah raise $100 million for At-Risk children, please contact him by going to his website at or call him at 847-917-0962.

Deremiah *CPE, Customer Passion Executive. A "Top 25" Marketing Expert on This Nightingale Conant Award-Winning Speaker, Artist & Inventor has shown hundreds of Customer Passion Evangelists, CEO`s, Consultants and Sales people how to use his simple but tremendous techniques. Using the Servant`s Mentality to expand the footprint of many companies, as he increases customer relationships and simultaneously helps At-Risk Children in the communities where you do business every day.

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