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Published:January 10th, 2008 07:19 EST
Coming to America! SOP Writer, Subash Lamichhane, Sees His Dream Come True

Coming to America! SOP Writer, Subash Lamichhane, Sees His Dream Come True

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

October 5, 2006, SOP Writer, Ann Poludenko,* read a poem by Subash Lamichhane.**  She was so touched by his words that she expressed her feelings to the world, here on the SOP, with her article, “What Does It Mean To Be A Patriot.”

Subash, then in high school, living in Nepal, Googled his name and, to his delight, discovered Ann’s wonderful article.  Because of Ann, the SOP gained a new family member and seeds of a dream were cultivated around the world. 

January 7, 2008, Subash’s prayers were answered.  He arrived at the airport in Atlanta, GA at 5:30 p.m.  After a grueling journey, he was visibly weary.  Nevertheless, his joy was immeasurable.  He was in AMERICA! 

It was my personal thrill to meet Subash in Atlanta.  He is as gracious and loving as you all have imagined him.  We made the road trip together to Andrew College,, where he earned his merit scholarship.

Thank you, Ann, for your generous contributions to the SOP through the years.  Your words have helped and inspired so many.  We will be forever thankful that you wrapped your arms around Subash and led him to the SOP.  You made a priceless contribution to his future. 

Subash, you are an example and a lighthouse to those around the world who dream of studying in America; who dream of living in the land of freedom and opportunity.  As so many Americans decry the wave of illegal immigrants entering the U.S., they will celebrate you for your courage, your diligence, your perseverance and your integrity. 

Your SOP family cannot be more excited and thankful.  We have one of our own, from the other side of our world, near us now.  Subash, you are among the first fruits Judyth Piazza and her SOP offer the world.

 Work very hard, dear Subash.  Next stop: Stockholm.