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Published:February 18th, 2008 12:50 EST
Global Presents Your World Now Hosted by Hillary Joines

Global Presents Your World Now Hosted by Hillary Joines

By Hillary Joines (Student Broadcaster)

Global SchoolNet " Linking Kids Around the World! 

Global SchoolNet brings you the best ideas, tools, and opportunities for 21st century learning! 

Unlock the Doors to Diplomacy! 

Hey middle school and high school students from around the world! 

The U. S. Department of State is sponsoring the 2008 "Doors to Diplomacy" educational challenge! 

We want you to produce a web project that teaches others about the importance of international affairs and diplomacy.  

Each student team member of the winning team receives a $2,000 scholarship,  

And the winning coaches` schools each receive a $500 cash award. 

But, hurry, because those doors will closing on March 15th

KidderLit and TwitterLiteracy

Are you a writer -- or a book lover?

Or, are you trying to inspire students to become writers and book lovers?

Then check out KidderLit and TwitterLit

Every morning, while sensible people are sleeping, the folks at KidderLit and its sister site TwitterLit are hard at work, combing through the stacks of the local library.

Why? So that when you wake up and rush to your computer, there will be a new literary teaser waiting for you. Each day you will find the first line of a book. The trick is that we don`t tell you what the book is or who the author is.

Ahhh "that is for you to find out!

Check Out Hilites! Global Learning Projects from Around the World! 

The world will be a LOT less FLAT when you join Global SchoolNet`s Hilites news list

To find out about awesome learning projects from around the world! 

For example, the  What Would Your Country Be Like? " project comes to you from Columbia, Tennessee.  

Kids worldwide, ages 11- 14, are invited to create their own country. 

They design the government, economy, demographics, topography, and a map of their country

And, then share their country with their partner classrooms. 

It`s your world now! Get connected at