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Published:February 22nd, 2008 03:08 EST
Guns dont Kill, Pools do!

Guns dont Kill, Pools do!

By Will Roberts

Phoenix, AZ - Will Roberts - A Modern Day Will Rogers.

Now all I know is what little I read on the Internet! Today`s headline 12 states debate guns on school campus" now before we go on, lets give you a headline from the other day, Feb. 14th.

6 students killed in Illinois university school shooting, a modern day Valentine day massacre.  Here are today`s headlines, just good timing or good marketing, or both.

In the past two weeks 5-7 public shootings have occurred. I am giving you folks a range of how many have happened because it will no doubt change in the coming weeks.

Folks are taking their personal problems and making them public. Now I have a whole set of thoughts on how communication and lack of involvement into each others lives might just have something to do with the "public out cry for help".  But that is another subject.  I also can`t stop thinking about the possible connection of the drugs folks are pumping into themselves and the possible side effects they could have on our bodies. I was reading a magazine and saw an ad for a medication and the thing took up 4 pages. Not because of pretty pictures, but for all the things that you might get while taking this drug. It also listed the reasons why you can`t sue these companies because you can`t say they didn`t tell you so.

Side effects that make me think I would rather just cut out the body part that is giving me the problem than to risk having to take 20 more pills for the side effects. I am not a doctor or a physiologist and I may just be speaking out of my behind, (I bet they have a pill for that too") but maybe just maybe this is just a poor band aid on a much larger problem.

They use to say an apple a day keeps the doctor away " well that was then, and now the chemicals they use to make the apple look shinny and appealing or the process they use to make it bigger makes it more like, an apple a day, keeps the doctor in pay!

Now some folks seem to think that the real issue is guns. I don`t want my comments about this growing problem to be all about this cowboy defending guns. So, I am going to take both side and shoot for somewhere down the middle, so to speak. As I have told you all before, I am a cowboy that swings a rope and spins two very real 3-pound Ruger Vicaro, Single action guns, know as the "Gun that won the west." 

Go here to see my gun handling action:
I give you all this background so you can see my side of the story " BOTH sides.

See folks should have the right to have guns, if they follow the rules and have all their marbles in place, in one place.  Here is where the rub comes in. This student group called: Students for Concealed Carry on Campus wants it to be ok to carry guns on school property. In the words of actor and rapper Will Smith "wicky wicky Wild West. 

Let me also say that I live in Phoenix, Arizona and in that state you can carry a gun out in the open, as long as it is "out in the open" and not concealed. I guess that is to give all the folks that don`t carry a chance to see us from a mile away and start running, seems logical to me, seeing a mile away and running part. I assume that this law came from long ago when cowboys and Indians roam the band lands of Arizona. Don`t think this Wild West town is just trying to live in its history, no sir we have rules about guns. The big one is, you can not carry your firearm into a bar, you have to check it in and on the way out, IF you are not to cockeyed they`ll give it back. Which brings me to the point I am aiming for?

Bars in Arizona have enough sense to know that any activity that heightens the senses means, heightened debates and heighten anger, and you can take it from there.

With that being said " Have you ever been to a college campus or event? Most students would tell you "Why do you think we are here?" to party.

See I have first hand knowledge of the handling of guns with folks that normally don`t handle them. I have a Wild West company ( and and this company helps folks with parties, corporate events, anything you want with a western theme. Western performers, Mechanical bulls, cowboy interactive games, and one of the more popular games is FASTDRAW where two opponents face off, high noon style and draw six shooters at each other. We give the safety instructions, because safety is first, last and everywhere in between. Now you are ready, slap on the six-shooter, drop the hat and . . . DRAW! 

Now, if you want to see folks look confused as a deer in the headlights, then hand someone a gun and make them draw against another person with a gun. Even the folks that two minutes ago said, "Yeah, I have three guns, I served in the military and I hunt. The pressure of having to draw on another person is enormous. They will pull the gun out and not pull the trigger, drop the gun, hold the wrong part of the gun, wave it around point it at other people in the room. Don`t get me wrong, the game is fun, but that is just what if it is a game, and only a game. The guns are movie prop guns and it`s just not real. The only people trained for such a situation is a police officer.  Now that I think about it, when was the last time you read about a home invasion that was foiled by the person at that home with a gun, not a lot. The person becomes more dangerous than the gun.  Guns don`t kill people " you know the saying.

So, this group Students for Concealed Carry on Campus " wants it to be ok that folks carry guns on campus, kind of like the old west town, the ASU Corral, Or the UCLA . . . Fill in the blanks with a school near you. Don`t let Hollywood make you think that the OK corral was this beautifully choreographed, a show of marksmanship with guns spinning in a flourish ending up in their holsters, far from it. The OK coral lasted 30 seconds, and consider of a bunch of cowboys drawing their guns and just shooting everywhere, like the fast draw game. Now expand this idea to the malls, and most public places, and you have the Wild Wild West.

Look what happens when gang bangers do a drive by and the other rival gang firers back, more likely more than the two gangs get hurt or killed. Do we really want the whole country to become "Fair game"?  I am willing to take any other solutions on this matter. I will even draw you for it, heck, you might even win. 


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