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Published:March 1st, 2008 05:58 EST
Avoiding Black History in America - Avoiding Racism?

Avoiding Black History in America - Avoiding Racism?

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Although there has been a rich legacy associated with the foundation of man, there have been many injustices associated with the treatment of human beings throughout the ages.  From where does this ignorance arise that would cause us to treat one another in a manner that is inferior?  What's worse is that a great deal of human beings replicate a strange sense of self hatred within themselves.  As we come to the close of the observance of Black History month I ask what is it that makes people afraid to observe this history in America?

It's quite interesting to consider that there is much evidence to prove that the very existence of the human birth place of human beings takes it's origins in Africa.  The place where the history of the Black Slave takes it Roots. 

In America, some have acknowledged the observance of Black History month... but many couldn't care less.  Today I ponder why?  Is there something that we could uncover in our review of nearly 500 years of history?  I'm sure there is, as I dig deeper into the historical evidence that disproves the myths of nearly 500 years of data that has been buried. 

When I was a little boy, the mention of Blacks in history books was hard to find. Save the broken home run record of Babe Ruth by Henry "Hank" Aaron.

Nowadays, more than ever, we have mountains of data that show the atrocities of the African stuck on the merry-go-round of the Triangular Slave Trade which begins in the 1500s.  But as we dig deeper, we find a little more than the movie ROOTS ever showed us, as we uncover that Africa has been called the "cradle of the species".  Well, to put it another way, everyone's roots begin in Africa.  So why is there so much neglect for wanting to know our history, if the existence of all of our relatives begins there?  Why is there so much racism in America that I would dare not say is limited to Whites toward Blacks, but also the racism that Blacks have towards Whites?  Why is there any racism period, if all of our ancestors find there origination back to one continent?  And is the avoidance of Black History a reflection of our desire to keep perpetuating the mindset of slavery which has been predicated upon the willful perpetuation of ignorance? 

The African was chosen for his resilience and resistance, which would make you wonder why would someone try to oppress someone with this kind of built in determination?  What kind of human would try to downgrade another human being, anyway?  Furthermore, should we continue to ignore Black History...which is the History of America?  How can understanding Black History better us all and allow us to avoid the Racism we still see in our beautiful country?  Now that we've uncovered all of this history, to overlook it would put us back in the same place we were in before we found it.  Are we still afraid that we may discover that the blood of the African is co-mingled with the blood of Whites?  It is clear that Racism in America still exist, and as long as we refuse to adopt a better understanding of Black History in America, we are still perpetuating the slave mentality.  You see, it was against the law to teach a slave to read, in order to continue the cycle of ignorance.  The only problem is when we're all ignorant of the history, we enslave ourselves... and that should be against the law.