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Published:March 3rd, 2008 08:05 EST
Who's Educating our Children?

Who's Educating our Children?

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Living in the Harold Ickies Projects ( ), in Chicago Public Housing for a few years helped me appreciate the challenges of growing up Black and in the ghetto.  Struggling pregnant teenage mothers, slanguage, poor living conditions, welfare and real, real hard times is something I know very well.  While the years have faded the memories still linger...broken hallway lights, dark stairwells with the thick smell of urine and often human waste on the floor.   One thing for sure there's nothing to glorify in people living like this.  Momma kept her place real clean but occasionally roaches would crawl underneath the door or through a vent in the wall from a neighbor so she kept some bug spray on hand.   Even in the midst of this momma never left it up to the school teachers alone or the TV or some songwriter with a funky beat to their music to teach us how important it was to get a good education.  She didn't have a High School education herself but you'd never know it because Momma was making sure we got educated.  But who’s educating our children now? 
It show ain't ya Momma!...
If you want to know whose educating children today, one things for show ain't ya Momma!  People figure if most of our children's fathers aren't at home then the kids are being educated by their mothers.  Well that couldn't be further from the truth based on my exposure to Children from the Black, White and Hispanic community here in Illinois for the last six years.  It appears in a lot of the cases the mothers are away from home working so hard that often times the children are at home raising themselves.  This is true even for the Hispanic & white households who tend to have slightly more families where the father is present at home.  Children all over America regardless of Race are growing up not only without their fathers present but with mothers who are absent because of work.  Even in the more affluent communities children are growing up away from their mom’s as most of these kids are busy in some after school program.  Well if most mothers aren't raising our children who’s responsible for educating our children now?
One summer when I watched teenage boys and girls from the Black, White and Hispanic community I observed some stark realities of how our children are growing up.  Out of curiosity without infringing on their space in order to observe them in their own natural environment I'd let them just do their thing just to see what would they do.  Taking kids to the swimming pool I'd often see them race to get in the front seat.  This would determine whose riding shotgun but there was something more important than just riding in the front that was at stake. You see getting the front spot determined who'll have control over the radio dial and if you do a poor job of flipping the stations you'd hear about it as kids complained rather loudly.  Your failure to do a good job here determines if you got fired or if you got to remain in the front seat on the trip back.  One things for sure the radio is a powerful source of education to this generation of youth.  They flip frantically from one station to the next to avoid commercials.  They know every song better than any school material they are required to understand.  So who really is educating our children now?  One things for sure it show ain’t ya momma.
So who’s educating our children?
I really wish I had time to answer this question but I’m watching several other men’s kids who haven’t seen their children in nearly 10 years.  If you’ll excuse me right now I’ve got to go and get some kids I’m mentoring off of the TV, a couple more off of the radio, one off of the internet and then I’ve got to go and pick up several of them I dropped off at the movie theater (excuse me) Hey Sarah…come get your MP3 player it’s time to go!  But when I return I’ll answer the question “whose educating our children?” and we’ll get down to the bottom of this thing once and for all. Hey turn off that DVD player! I thought you were supposed to be doing your homework anyway?  Watching that movie is not your homework!
Is there anything else I can do for you?
Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE
(c) 2007 by Deremiah *CPE, Customer Passion Executive

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