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Published:March 26th, 2008 08:01 EST
Who is Educating our Children?  Anita Gold Part 2

Who is Educating our Children? Anita Gold Part 2

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Way back when I was in college and still green during the time when the value of a dollar meant less than my desire to gain an education, my pathway crossed with a syndicated columnist from the Chicago Tribune.  She came up to me at an art exhibit held at the R.H. Love Gallery in downtown Chicago.  Her name was Anita Gold.  She was introduced as a syndicated Antique columnist and an up-and-coming artist debuting in my first major New York/Chicago art gallery.  Little did we know then that our paths would not only cross, but from this point on they would run parallel with one another.  She would soon become my adopted Jewish mother and I her adopted African American son.  As time progressed, she became my most valued teacher and mentor.  She set the paradigm in my imagination for what I could become and she educated me using stories from her own life.  I learned so much more from her 10 to 30 minute phone calls than I`ve ever learned from a truck load full of school books and University Professors.  And, it was all because Anita Gold took social responsibility for *EOPC educating other peoples children.

In our generation, how our children gain their education can be a little bit of a misnomer.

Who is educating our children now?

It`s easy to think that it`s the responsibility of the school system to educate our children regarding the things they should know.  While I agree that, for what we pay in tax dollars here in America, our children should be getting a great education, I don`t believe that the responsibility should be totally pawned off on our school systems alone.  The greater question is: should education be government directed or parent directed?  If we do believe that it is the school systems responsibility alone, then aren`t we giving up our right to accept any personal responsibility for the matter?  Even with the "No Child Left Behind" program, parents have to still be willing to become personally involved in the education of their children.  With that said, it`s also easy to see that parents should be willing to take responsibility for being involved in other people`s children`s self-development, too.  What do you think about a child in your neighborhood not going to school?  Yes, that does bring concern doesn`t it?  I wish every community had adults who were concerned enough about a child`s future to look out after them.  Well, at least that`s what Anita Gold did for me; and, it made a huge difference in my life and now look at me...I`m helping children. 

Anita Gold was educating other people`s children...what about you?

Well, I know that`s a tough question, so please don`t answer it right now...answer it later, after you`ve had a break.  Most parents are coming home tired from a hard day`s work looking for a chance to take it easy.  I can imagine that`s what Anita Gold was considering, too, when she got home; but, she always seemed to have time to talk with me after work.  Not only did she have the time, she was always energetic in her conversations, telling jokes, laughing and constantly reminding me of what she believed I was capable of doing.  It was Anita Gold who always reminded me that I was a genius, that I was talented and that I could do anything I desired.  She was the same one who told me that I`d stand in the White House and would, one day, be on the Oprah Show.  I have so many fond memories of her guidance and direction, but little did I understand then, as I do now, how much she added to the value of my education.  So, whenever I hear myself encouraging children along as I`m telling them, "you`re a great person born for great things," I have to remember who educated me on that.  Thanks Anita Gold.  Thanks for believing in me and thanks for educating other people`s children.  It`s because of Anita Gold that I educate, cultivate and inspire other people`s children, too...what about you? 

A Golden difference can be found in *EOPC

When we discover the Golden difference that Anita Gold practiced in her own life, we will make personal improvements in the education of our children.  Anita Gold just believed that, through the power of her words, she could influence me in my present generation.  What she did not know is that, through me, she would influence the next couple of generations of children.  So what can you do?  You can begin to educate other people`s children too.  Mentoring children can be as simple as going to your local school system and asking how you can be involved.  Or, by contacting that relative or friend in the community who has been having a challenging time influencing the education of their child.  Another thing you can do is join the PTA or donate your time a few times a year to make a huge difference.

For more involved mentoring, contact the Big Brothers Big SistersAssociation of Junior Leagues International, Inc. or Builders Club - KIWANIS.  I have worked with most of these organizations including the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  So, the next time someone is saying "Who is Educating our Children?"  You reply, "I Am."

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE

(c) 2008 by Deremiah *CPE, Customer Passion Executive

Deremiah *CPE, the author of "52 GREAT WEEKS" is also one of the most popular "Top 25" Marketing Experts on the world`s leading online marketing platform, This Nightingale Conant award-winning speaking star, artist and inventor is showing everyone the secret to getting out of debt by Serving your way to Success.  Reach Deremiah *CPE now