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Published:May 22nd, 2008 09:22 EST
A Selfless Act of Kindness

A Selfless Act of Kindness

By Glenn Brandon Burke (Mentor/Speaker)

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Hey Everybody!


This week as I was deciding on which advice questions to answer (I promise to get back to them soon. Sorry!), something so incredible happened that I thought it was worthy of sharing with each and every one of you. So I am! Over the years my wife, Elaine, has accompanied me several times when I was giving a motivational lecture. Several months ago she was with me when I spoke at an incarceration facility, and following the engagement, she came to me and said, "I find it so amazing how you connect with people and truly change their lives." She continued, "I want to do something that truly touches someone`s live so passionately that I know I made difference in their life."

A milestone birthday was only a few months away for Elaine, and I asked her what she wanted? And this was the incredible selfless response she gave.

"I have an awesome husband (yeah, baby, that`s me), two beautiful and soon to be successful daughter`s, my parent`s are alive, healthy and still married, we go to dinner whenever we want, and who needs another vacation!?! I want to do something for people that makes a difference in their lives."

So, Elaine arranged through Southern Nevada`s Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization, along with one of their directors, Courtney Frank, and they planned a party. But this party was for 12 special children at Snyder Elementary School, along with their Big Brothers and Big Sisters, also known simply as "Bigs." Where the children are referred to as "Littles" (something I thought was cool to know.)

This was not just any party, mind you. This party, though it was Elaine`s birthday, was to celebrate life with these children. Elaine and her girlfriends purchased books and other educational products as well as each child`s very own personalized birthday cake.

Elaine wanted these children to have something they may not have available at home. She also wanted these children to know that even though one person doesn`t know another, it`s perfectly fine to help people. To be kind to other people. To teach the children that they too can be in a position to Pass it On and make a difference in someone`s life. And I think they understood.

Though Elaine has always been one to volunteer her time to worth while causes, I found this, her 50th birthday, to be one of the most selfless acts of kindness. And I love her more each day!

Even of it`s a smile to someone feeling down and out, we all have something to give. So please, give when and how you can. It does make a difference.

See y`all next week!