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Published:June 13th, 2008 19:22 EST
Thank you, my SOP Family

Thank you, my SOP Family

By Subash Lamichhane

It has already been a month that now I am in United States. I am having my good time here and trying to get myself familiarized with the new environment, culture and with the life style here.The days are passing here so quickly and each days there is always something new to learn. I had a dream of studying in United States and now the dream has some true and I feel so blessed that I am here today studying and learning new things and the culture.

My dream could never have become possible without the support and help of The SOP. I feel so blessed that The SOP has always been there for me. While I was back in Nepal, I had my own home office which SOP had helped me with. I can remember the brightness and smile on the face of US Visa consular when she learned that I was writing for a magazine in Florida.  The main reason that I was considered for student visa on the interview was my involvement with the SOP and my articles made good impact on the Consular. That is why she barely took some minutes to decide.

The SOP has always blessed me with love and care. On the day when I first landed on New York I was so confused. The airport was so huge. I was nervous and there wasn`t any people around me who I knew. I was running from here to there to find a place for me from where I could depart from New York to Atlanta. When I reached the desk and asked the lady about my flight, she converted my E-ticket to a real ticket and then she told me about Nancy was waiting for me at Atlanta International airport. I felt so happy and my heart felt peace.

When I reached Atlanta I didn`t even have to look any otherwise. I was welcomed with a warm hug. I felt so blessed to see Nancy waiting there in Airport. She was so tender and wonderful as always. It was a great blessing and forever I shall feel that way for the love and care she has always blessed my life with. It was The SOP which saved me from being lost-- lost in heart and mind.

U.S. feels like home to me. I have so many people who love me here from Wyoming to South Carolina, from California to Florida .I feel so blessed to be among you and I give all my thanks to all of my SOP family for the love, care and the opportunity that you have blessed my life. There shall never be a day that I  wouldn`t be thankful to the SOP. It is my great wish and dream that SOP will be a great platform for every student like me from all around the world where they can explore the world of knowledge, thoughts, ideas and can contribute their thoughts and ideas as well.

I am very thankful to Miss Judy who has been so kind and wonderful to me and has helped me so much. I could never imagine that I would have been able to write this article about my U.S. experience without the support of SOP.
I am thankful to Nancy for her kindness, love and care. I am very thankful to Mr.Childs for his generosity and love. I thank Mr. Kenny who prayed for me and gave me such sweet gift.  And thank you, Miss Ruthie for your love and care helping with my laptop.  I am very thankful to Mr.Gerald for his brotherhoodness and his help, care and support.
As a whole, I am forever thankful to all of my SOP family, editors, writers and all those who have contributed to the SOP for sharing thought and for making SOP one of the Think Tanks of the 21st century..Thank you ...