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Published:July 12th, 2008 11:18 EST
K-12 Literature: Leo Tolstoy "Fathers and Sons"

K-12 Literature: Leo Tolstoy "Fathers and Sons"

By Ani Gyulamiryan

I`ve believed that people change people: partly because I believed I`d seen them change with new people, with new friends. To say that as members of the same species we can have no influence on each other implies that genetic inheritance is ineffective.

If we do change one another, than we strip ourselves of the full responsibility of our personae. In childrens` stories, what bad comes by possession of materials, and also knowledge of them, can be cured and taken back by the good. Perhaps we can change more than we ever have. `Fathers and Sons` by Leo Tolstoy is invariably the above picture of current civilization.

`Fathers and Sons` epitomizes familiar literature. It newly inagurates the society of Russia to the extent that it rules the familial relations. Personae of differing characters struggle to revitalize the past generation. However, there isn`t much that remains of the world of the past when change becomes incongruent with young progressive minds. It is the most intriguing piece of writing.