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Published:October 12th, 2008 10:56 EST
Ward Connerly and his American Civil Rights Coalition

Ward Connerly and his American Civil Rights Coalition

By Tameka Bankhead

Capitalism versus affirmative action

For this amongst other research  gathered on California businessman Ward Connerly, having been labeled a "self-hating black" by some of his critics, ( is on a state by state crusade to eliminate affirmative action and has been successful

When he was presented with evidence that schools were picking less

qualified minority students by the unhappy parents of a rejected son, instead of beginning his crusade he should have reviewed the "proof" to see how this proof was "obtained", were they test scores, or some unedited unsubstantiated proof, and how these under qualified students were said by the school to contribute to the campus demographic, outside of test scores.

But this case of the parents finding "proof" that less qualified minority students were allowed into a California medical school is the case that caused Proposal 209  to focus on if "unqualified" minorities are admitted to public colleges and universities over "more qualified" (i.e., white) students.   

One would guess that it is under an entrepreneurial premise that California businessman, Ward Connerly views his coalition against affirmative action. It is said of Connerly that he believes race based affirmative action is wrong.

But what does his American Civil Rights Coalition provide as an alternative to the working class?

It appears that this businessman has chosen this crusade because he thinks of the independence and liberty, in employing one`s self and controlling one`s financial destiny.

Many believe America should be exemplifying capitalism from each corner of the country. Economically however, Middle Americans and working class citizens are not positioned to take advantage of benefits within the capitalist movement.

Until people are on the same page with regards to self employment, by way of perhaps government issued financial enrichment seminars, the spirit of capitalism will not develop as quickly as jobs are eliminated.

And with regard to Connerly, and his stand against affirmative action, he has also benefited from affirmative action.

This leads many to believe, he is likely coerced.

"Critics of Connerly question his motives, and the quality of the signatures he is gathering ?, (Bratton, Anna Jo /A.P/.DFP, Nation & World, 15A) after learning that he has benefited financially from affirmative action programs in contracting ( According to online research, Ward Connerly has been well-compensated by the construction industry for his leadership of the anti-affirmative action crusade, (

So there is a simple answer to why Connerly lobbies so aggressively for this cause.

Many speculate, "He wants to be white". Contrary to popular belief, this writer does not believe that Connerly wants to be white"(".

What he appears to want however, is a "colorless society" (

I believe what he embraces and wants for other minorities is for them to embrace the spirit of capitalism.

Without the proper alternatives practically staring much of the workforce in the face the American Civil Rights Initiative can be viewed as racist. While Connerly may not be racist in his intent, what Connerly does not do is parallel programs with his business ventures that train the very people he is seeking to unearth.

To say that minorities are getting the short end of the stick with the American Civil Rights Coalition would be true to most.

The initiatives put into place by this coalition serve as a catastrophe to the work force. The American Civil Rights Initiative assist in adding to the spirit of capitalism in this country, but they do not provide an alternative economic blueprint. Connerly`s crusade will indeed awaken the dormant principals of business ownership in people, but what awaits those that fall through the cracks?

To say that minorities can`t make way in today`s` global economy is stereotypical, but to say they do not need a leg up once many of these initiatives are passed