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Published:October 28th, 2008 14:21 EST
Do Motivational Speakers Truly Benefit Colleges?

Do Motivational Speakers Truly Benefit Colleges?

By Glenn Brandon Burke (Mentor/Speaker)

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Do Motivational Speakers Truly Benefit Colleges?

Well, to answer that question, we need to know for what purpose a Motivational Speaker`s been hired? I know several speakers who give the Rah-Rah speeches that get the students "fired-up" but leave them with an emptiness afterward. Is this of true benefit?

I suppose it`s subjective.


Then there`s others who speak on Life After College and/or Greek Life. Where some are for pure entertainment, but with a positive message attached. Do these Motivational Speaker`s benefit the student and college? Sure, they serve a purpose. Just like when the Student Affairs Dept. brings in a comedian, band or hypnotist. They`re fun. They`re entertaining. They`ve served a purpose.


However, if community colleges, universities, and or career colleges want a fun, yet serious speaker who specializes in something that will greatly benefit both the student and the school as a whole, you should consider a Motivational Speaker who specializes in increasing Student Retention, Student enrollment, Student Equity, and overall student success! Why? Whom? Please allow me to enlighten you.


Motivational Speaker, Glenn Brandon Burke, M.A.Ed ( knows of what he speaks. Originally a high school dropout, who, at the age of 28, realized that education is the foundation for a successful life, decided to turn his life around, and in 2003 began as a Motivational Speaker for the purpose of helping students, colleges, and given his background as the CEO of a major sales company (, also speaks on success in sales.


When Glenn shares his personal story intertwined with positive, pro educational and life messages, students either directly identify with him, of they personally know someone who can -- a friend. A sibling. A parent. Etc.


Glenn shares how if he can come from the disadvantaged life he did, yet succeed with his education, life and career, then ANYONE CAN! And EVERYONE should...hear him speak!


If you are interested in your school`s student retention and revenue, then contact Glenn Brandon Burke, M.A.Ed, for a booking to see how he can benefit you and your school.


Glenn`s book, The Power of Choice Changed My Life: (A Motivational and Inspirational True Story That Can Positively Influence Your Life or The Life of Someone You Love) will soon be released


In the meantime, Glenn is a contributing author in Linda Forsythe`s Walking with the Wise for Overcoming Obstacles, along with such greats as Joe Vitale, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, and many others.


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