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Published:December 31st, 2008 16:15 EST
Video Professor

Video Professor Takes Exception To Being Included In My List Of Annoying Celebs

By Robert Paul Reyes

I recently wrote an essay "Top Ten Celebrities Who Should Get Lost", and the Video Professor took exception to being included in my list. Here`s what I wrote about the renowned professor of all things related to computers:

Video Professor

This "professor" makes gazillions hawking videos teaching morons how to do basic computer stuff like how to use a mouse or how to use a search engine.

John W. Scherer (The Video Professor) responded to my slight with grace and humor, here`s a copy of the email he sent me:

"You certainly have me listed with some interesting folks! At least I don`t get to nominate someone for the Senate. Thankfully I don`t have to put up with paparazzi either. Also missed out on People`s Sexiest Men. Again.

We do however, offer a little more than teaching people how to use a mouse or search.

Visit us at sometime when you get a chance.

Happy New Year!

The Video Professor has a better sense of humor than I do, and to be honest some of his videos are entertaining and educational. I will make amends by asking my readers to check out his Web site