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Published:February 12th, 2009 12:45 EST
The Power of the Word

The Power of the Word

By Juliet Maruru

This week, our writers have unanimously and quite telepathically decided to celebrate the Word. The Word. Written, Spoken, very important, read.

Do you read? No, your work does not require much reading. Your work is about meeting people or sorting out technical issues. Or maybe, your work is just about writing up prescriptions, drawing up city plans, flying that airplane. Okay, maybe your work is more about selling items to your customer across the grill, counting the numbers for the company you work for, answering the phone and typing up memos, fixing the plumbing, fixing the vehicles, getting people into matatus and charging them for the ride from Westlands to University way, or maybe from Bus Station to Mwiki. No, you are a model, a fitness instructor, or maybe you are a fisherman. You need to read anyway. Here is why:

Despite a son of our soil producing the first black American president, few have read Barack Obama`s amazing autobiography, Dreams from My Father, from which we might learn how he perceives self knowledge as the bedrock from which springs confidence and courage.  To quote his thoughts on the education of black children `Just think what a real education for these children would involve. It would start by giving a child an understanding of himself, his world,his culture, his community. That`s the starting point of any educational process. That is what makes a child hungry to learn " the promise of being part of something, of mastering his environment.`  Continue here.

After that, we get Steve Mwangi`s opinion On Writing. Denis Okeyo is right next to him with From K-Street to the Electric Avenue.

Then we get a little nostalgic with Moses Abukutsa`s letter to Sophia.
Oluoch Madiang` has a story to tell. That of Kauka khwa Runjala`s death.
That said, we need to get a little serious and ponder over MINISTER KARUA`S ROLE & ADMISSION OF COLLECTIVE LETHARGY IN THE WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION by Captain Collins Wanderi.

After that very serious moment, there will be a need for some humour, and thus I send you over to the Story of the Week by Joseph Wahome.

It has been beautiful celebrating the Power of the Word. Please feel free to send in any ideas for themes as well as your articles for next week`s blog at and clearly mark in the Subject FOR BLOG/STORY OF THE WEEK.
Kindest regards,
Juliet Maruru
Online Editor,,