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Published:March 12th, 2009 10:56 EST
With No Bail Out in Sight for Students; Obama Please Give Us Used Books!

With No Bail Out in Sight for Students; Obama Please Give Us Used Books!

By SOP newswire2

More students selected used books than any other textbook format when shopping online.
In a recent survey, students emphatically voiced their preference for used books when purchasing academic texts and course materials online. Based on research collected by, a leading textbook price-comparison website, students chose used print an overwhelming 57.8% of the time when given options regarding textbook formats.
The survey focused on the formats students selected when given the options of new print, used print, international editions, rental copies, and eBooks. The findings are based on more than 325,000 selections made by students during the January/February 2009 back-to-school period running January 1 "February 16, 2009. After the first choice of used print textbooks 57.8% of the time, the next most-selected condition was new print books at 28.4%, followed by International editions, rental copies, and eBooks.
In trying economic times, it`s increasingly important for consumers, especially students who almost always have limited incomes and tight budgets and who also tend to be environmentally conscious, to find savings and ways to reuse where they can. Used textbooks represent a great money-saving and eco-friendly option for college students, " says Alex Neal, Founder and President of These recent findings show a clear picture of students who are both sensitive to price and global issues who are looking to technology to help them find the best deals and consume fewer natural resources. "
In comparison to previous back-to-school periods, the January/February 2009 rush saw a 10%-increase in the purchase of used books. Numbers from the rush immediately prior, the August/September 2008 period, showed students selecting used books 47.9% of the time followed by new books at 34.2%.
In addition to providing price comparisons for more than 8 million books, publishes a blog about topics relevant to college students and also offers the following tips to help students get the books that best meet their budget:
1)      Always consider the total price of your order, including textbooks, tax, and shipping.
2)      Shop early to get the best deals as used books are in demand and often the first to sell out.
3)      Read item descriptions, seller comments, and seller ratings before making any purchases.
4)      If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is.
About was started in 1998 by college students tired of paying outrageous prices for textbooks. The company has evolved into a leading comparison-shopping website. First and foremost, our aim is to be a beneficial service to students. Our website is designed to offer students an alternative to high-priced books and bookstores, to provide efficient and friendly customer service, and to do business ethically and with attention to environmental sustainability. Every member of the family is currently or has recently been a college student who knows firsthand the frustrations of buying and selling textbooks. To learn more, visit and be sure to read our blog.