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Published:February 1st, 2010 11:01 EST

Why is Education Being Pushed Into a "Secondary" Position in The Capitalist Societies?

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

In the year 1974, while at the University of Toronto, I wanted to make an exhibition in the
center of Toronto, about the "social problems". I was stopped, because a good exhibition would cost much and it was questionable if the City would allow that.

Educating the people in public spaces (promenades, squares. parks, entrances of the public buildings etc.) had always interested me. This is a very important media which is not utilized so much, excepting advertisements which crowd them. (So much for capitalism.)
Berlin University of the Arts wants to enter the arts into the public spaces. Good. But, what about the "education"? Why not education in the public spaces? Why is education being pushed into a "secondary" position in the capitalist societies?

Among the crowds of programs on TV, the crowd of Internet web-sites, pages of the printed press, shelves of the libraries, knowledge and information is being drowned. Whereas, public spaces await the public "eye", ready to indulge people into the awareness about the social problems and the possibilities to find solutions for them. City centers, as very special places pose a very special opportunity for education of people, for social contacts, for artistic encounters, to enrich people intellectually and socially and spiritually, yet they are being used for "shops", to enrich people materialistically.

In the latest fashion to attract students, many universities and academies related to arts are coming into existence. Everyday, advertisements by scores of new universities can be seen in the media, trying to attract students to their new art and design programs.

That`s fine. But, what about the education? I mean, why don`t we see an equal amount of ambition to start new institutions of education, to educate people in the areas of social problems, health, social life, new scientific venues, religion etc. I think "education" is being sacrificed and  the "arts" and "advertisement" and "political profitsm", "wars", "industrial exploitation of the society", "fashion", "sports"  seem to be favored at the cost of education.

Well, yes, the "schools" are the "forts" of education. But, we also have our "cities" as our
important resources for education. This seems to be forgotten. And the "City Centers" seem as good places to start to remember it. Before others fill them up with less important ambitions.