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Published:August 16th, 2010 13:27 EST
german pop singer

Evil German Pop Singer Didn't Tell Her Hookups She Is HIV-Positive

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A German pop star told a court she was `sorry` Monday after admitting to having unprotected sex without telling her partners she was HIV positive.

german pop singerNadja Benaissa, 28, was appearing at a court in Darmstadt, near Frankfurt.

The former girl band singer is accused of having unprotected sex on five occasions without letting her lovers know she was infected with the virus, which causes AIDS.

One of her partners was subsequently confirmed as being HIV positive."Read more
Nadja should be arrested for being a member of "No Angels" an all-girl pop band that makes the Spice Girls look like the female version of the Beatles. I imagine that German pop music is played in the elevators in hell, but even Satan isn`t cruel enough to subject the condemned to "No Angels."

Nadja is truly no angel, heaven only knows how many times she slept with men without telling them that she is HIV-positive. The pop singer should be behind bars until she is sentenced in August, we can`t risk any more men being infected with HIV.

Nadja told the judge she was sorry, but she`s really going to be sorry when she`s behind bars. The hardened cons are going to have loads of fun with the gorgeous pop star.

Nadja isn`t the only monster who fails to inform her lovers that she is HIV-positive. Safe sex, Y`all.

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