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Published:January 15th, 2006 10:31 EST
Sophisticated Men To Strike New Pose

Sophisticated Men To Strike New Pose

By Maria Marchisello

There are a myriad of men`s magazines that serve as steady fixtures at newsstands across the nation.  Despite this, the publishing world is preparing to make room for one more.  On September 6, 2005, Condé Nast will launch Men`s Vogue, a new magazine that is targeted towards, according to press releases, the guy on the arms of the women who read Vogue. "

Ah, Vogue.  The very name evokes a connotation of elegance and refinement.  For a century, Vogue has been regarded as the epitome of class when it comes to women`s periodicals.  Combining high-end fashion, stunning photography and quality writing, it is seen as a chic alternative to the more youthful, girlish likes of Cosmopolitan, Elle, and similar magazines.  If the word of Men`s Vogue editor-in-chief Jay Fielden is anything to go by, one can expect an equal level of sophistication from its male counterpart.

Fielden, whose previous work includes a stint with The New Yorker, feels that the audience of men`s magazines has become skewed over the past decade.  He claims that these publications have abandoned older, sophisticated guys " in favor of young men.  While magazines such as GQ and Esquire cater to what Fielden feels is a younger man`s focus on sex and life ambitions, Men`s Vogue will appeal to a mature man`s interests instead.  These interests include family, mastering various skills, and the expansion of one`s knowledge on any given subject.  The typical reader Fielden hopes to garner is the over-35 professional who averages an income of $100,000 per year or more.

In what is perhaps a testament to Condé Nast`s sterling reputation, advertisers showed little hesitance in investing in the pages of this fledgling magazine.  Their faith bodes well for the promising periodical, though a further boost could very well come from the articles found between those glossy ads hawking Prada, Gucci, yachts, and watches.  With entertaining articles spanning topics such as hidden jungle tribes, a $1.5 million wrist watch, hunting, and even Swiss bank accounts, it seems as though there is something for everyone "within the target demographic, that is.

Of course, all the intelligence and depth that a magazine possesses do not always guarantee sales and success.  A well-conceived marketing strategy will see the national release of Men`s Vogue exclusively at newsstands, and while initial plans are to release it as a quarterly, strong sales out of the gate could quite possibly lead to monthly issues.  Not to mention that the all-important choice of who would grace the cover of the inaugural issue was taken none too lightly.  Keen to avoid the Flavor of the Month " cover boys of its contemporaries, Men`s Vogue sees respected veteran actor George Clooney as its first cover man.  Hailed for his talents, and as far from flash-in-the-pan as one can be, Clooney`s presence may very well prove to be the exact draw for the core audience that Fielden is hoping for.  Sophisticated and mature women the world over have enjoyed the pages of traditional Vogue for years.  Now, only time will tell if the guys on their arms will embrace Men`s Vogue the same way.