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Published:January 29th, 2006 09:53 EST
A poem titled My accidental love

A poem titled My accidental love

By Saly Alhady

It was a day like any other day, but I was busy more than usual because I have many stuff to do before evening, so I was moving fast to finish my duties but my stomach complained because it was12 and I haven't eaten any thing since the morning, immediately I stopped working and went to the nearest restaurant to have a sandwich while I was eating suddenly strange thing happened when a smart man passed me to set on the next table.

I think it was a kind of magic, every thing stopped moving in the place or I think that when he looked in to my eyes, OH…..God! What's up? Why I feel like that! I couldn't breath; I thought every body could hear my heart's beatings, and my hands were very cold.

 I couldn't believe! it was mid day but saw the full moon light in his face and two stars blinking in his black eyes, every thing was whispering to me it is him, it is my dreams become a live, I looked to him over and over a gain to find out if he noticed me, or he felt the same, but there was a sound in side me telling me it is enough it is time  to go, so I walked like a drunk to my office but I was sure I left my heart there, then I tried to collect my self again but I failed, I forgot every thing about the time and the work and even my self tell I heard some body knocked at the door , I said come in ,wow!!! It was him; I couldn't move a finger when he smiled to me and said would you marry me please? I was like tree leaf in a middle of the storm but I never say a word.

It was my lucky day because we get married after six months of that happy day.