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Published:February 2nd, 2006 18:08 EST
In The Name of The Father

In The Name of The Father

By Sean Stubblefield

Eugene Gene " Wesley Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, was born August 19, 1921 and died October 24, 1991. Although he is most recognized for Star Trek, the story concepts for the science fiction television series Earth: Final Conflict and Andromeda also originated in the mind of Gene Roddenberry, both given life after his death by the devotion of his wife, Majel Barrett.

It`s been 14 years since Gene passed away, but his spirit lives on in his children, literally and figuratively. Not only has Roddenberry`s brainchild known as Star Trek become a massive and global cultural phenomenon, but his son, named Eugene Rod " Roddenberry, Jr., tries to sustain the good name of both Roddenberry and Star Trek.

In Homer`s, The Odyssey, Telemachus goes in search of his father, Odysseus, who had gone missing after The Trojan War.

In the upcoming documentary Trek Nation, Rod Roddenberry embarks on a grand quest of his own to find his father " within Star Trek.

Whereas the Trekkies film (produced by Denise Crosby) was inadvertently more a mockumentary than genuine documentary, focusing on showcasing the eccentricities of some Trek fans, with Trek Nation Rod seeks to discover Gene Roddenberry by examining the Star Trek phenomenon, the fans, and how the two relate to each other.

Despite growing up with Gene Roddenberry as his father, Rod never really understood or cared much about Star Trek and what his father was doing. Although he now has a deep affection and appreciation for Star Trek and its imagining of a positive future, he was not a fan while growing up. His parents were merely his parents, and the significance of what they did went generally unnoticed by him. As teens often do, he had his own concerns.

But when Rod was 17, his father died and Rod suddenly became aware of not only just how beloved his father was by so many, but how substantial an impact Star Trek has really had, and was impressed. Rod started to see his father from a new perspective.

It was clear to him that he had missed something important about his father, and wanted to find out: Who was this man whom he called his father?

Star Trek, perhaps Gene`s master piece, in understood as being representative of Gene Roddenberry`s ideal humanist philosophy; reflecting the heart, mind and soul of Gene and what he believed humanity could achieve. So to learn more about his father, Rod decided to look into his legacy, consulting those who love Star Trek and Gene, as well as reading Gene`s written notes. He began to realize the extent to which Trek has been influential and meaningful in the lives of a great many people, all around the world and in all walks of life. Seeing how his father`s work has positively touched the lives of so many diverse individuals, he gained a new respect and admiration for his father. What Rod learned inspired him to produce a feature length documentary called Trek Nation, to share his experiences as he explores Gene Roddenberry`s unique vision of the future and its effect on people. With this film, he hopes to present his father and Star Trek as seen through his eyes, while honoring the fans that have kept Gene`s dream alive, as well as preserving the Roddenberry name and philosophy. And in the process, come to better understand his father.

Principle filming for Trek Nation is completed, and a finished product is expected to be available for presentation at film festivals at the end of this year.

Once a distributor is acquired, the documentary should receive a general release sometime next year, as a Star Trek 40th Anniversary tribute.

For more information about Trek Nation and Eugene Roddenberry, Jr.: