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Published:February 10th, 2006 16:47 EST
American Idol Kelly Clarkson Snubs...America?

American Idol Kelly Clarkson Snubs...America?

By Laurie Salem

When Kelly Clarkson was announced as the winner for Best Female Pop Vocal, it was expected that to be included in her list of thank you's was the very entity that launched her careeer in the first place- American Idol. The audience listened as she expressed thanks to both Jesus and God, thanked her mother and her fans, and the radio. Maybe the audience chalked it up to emotions as a tearful Clarkson exclaimed how happy she was to have received such an award. Well, it is okay then. She was so flustered that she only thought about the immediate people around her. It had been awhile since she was on the show and won the title of American Idol.

Of course... that must be the reason behind the omission.

Well, what happened the second time when she received the award for Best Pop Vocal Album? Yet again, she thanked all the people she could name, except American Idol.

So, why the snub? Could it be attributed to the fact that the producers of American Idol asked to use her hit songs on the show and she refused?

According to a spokesperson for her, no. In fact, there is no acknowledgement on Clarkson's side of ever having such a discussion. Clarkson was even happy to hear a contestant attempting her hit, "Since U Been Gone" on the premiere of the show's fifth season, in the first few minutes.

Whatever the story or the behind the scenes issue, it still remains a fact that the snub was very real--and very public.