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Published:February 23rd, 2006 11:00 EST
Album Review:  Nickelback - All The Right Reasons

Album Review: Nickelback - All The Right Reasons

By Maria Grella

Nickelback`s album, All The Right Reasons, falls into the same trap as their last release, The Long Road.  While all of their mainstream singles in the past have brought the Canadian group into the forefront of pop music, it doesn`t represent their core sound. 

This collection of songs is no exception.  Though catchy choruses and driving beats saturate this album, the lyrical content is not up to par, making it mediocre at best.

Follow You Home ¬" is a heavy rock song of obsession with an appealing hook.  Where Sting`s Every Breath You Take ¬" is a famous, unsettling song about a stalker, this opening track is borderline creepy.  Fight For All The Wrong Reasons ¬" is hard edge and forgettable, about a relationship based on lust.  Animals ¬" is full of attitude, great guitar riffs, and more teenage lust.  Savin` Me ¬" and Far Away ¬" are two power ballads, with the latter being more radio-friendly. 

Next Contestant ¬" boosts the energy back up with the fighting spirit Nickelback continues to display in most of their rock songs.  Once again, the woman is put in a demeaning position-- this time being the cause of fights due to her attire.  If Everyone Cared ¬", despite sung in gritty vocals and loaded with an edgy rock base, has corny lyrics that make it sappy.  Someone That You`re With ¬" again continues with the forceful sound, about a crush.  The sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek tune of Rockstar ¬" is also worth the listen.

Photograph ¬" is the reason Nickelback should be thankful.  Getting great airplay, this nostalgic tune boasts decent lyrics of a small town bittersweet past and hopeful sentiments towards the future.  We said someday we`d find out how it feels to sing to more than just a steering wheel ¬¶ ¬"  A tribute of sorts is found in the powerful energy of Side Of A Bullet ¬". 

It is an ode of revenge to the killer of the late guitarist ňúDimebag` Darrell Abbott of Pantera.  Included is Dimebag`s instrumental solo, donated by his brother and bandmate, drummer Vinnie Paul.  These songs alone make the record worth the buy.

This fifth studio album is a good listen, providing you don`t take anything literally.  It`s got good beats, great guitar riffs, rock vocals and even a few power ballads.  The down side is that the ballads aren`t that powerful, and the songs` topics are mundane, (jealousy, teen lust, and break-ups).  Like countless other bands, Nickelback needs to focus on more content filled lyrics.  How long can these guys continue to sing about obsession and testosterone filled rage?