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Published:February 26th, 2006 16:11 EST
Knight Rider, A-Team TV episodes coming to DVD

Knight Rider, A-Team TV episodes coming to DVD

By Garrett Godwin

It's time to fight the forces of evil and save the world again-- whether they're mobsters or demons-- and you can be seen on DVD with three great shows:

Knight Rider: The Complete Third Season (1984-85): 22 episodes

Season three still follows the adventures of lone crusader Michael Knight and his talking car, KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), as they continue to aid those that the law can't or won't help, taking down those that are above the law-- but not to Michael and KITT (voice of William Daniels).  Especially not to Devon Miles (Edward Mulhare) and the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG).

Season three features the return of Patricia McPherson as Bonnie Barstow after a one-year hiatus, and KITT being good as new and better.  This DVD doesn't have extra features except "Knight of the Rising Sun," an episode of the series' fourth and final season.

Episodes such as "Knight of the Drones," "Knights in the Fast Lane," "KITT vs. KARR," and "Junkyard Dog" highlights the series' third season.

The A-Team: The Complete Third Season (1984-85): 25 episodes

If you love our favorite soldiers-of-fortune on TV Land, then you'll love them even more in this DVD.  Hannibal, Face, Murdock, and B.A continue to avoid capture by the relentless Col. Decker (Lance LeGault) and the Army while aiding the downtrodden and defenseless.

Episodes such as "Fire," "Timber!" "The Island," "Road Games," and "Bounty" not only are the best season three episodes of the series, but it also makes up for the DVD not having any extras.

Charmed: The Complete Fourth Season (2001-02): 22 episodes

Before seeing Paige (Rose McGowan) getting married to Henry (Ivan Sergei) in tonight's fresh episode, see her for the first time on this DVD. 

Season four picks up where season three's shocking finale picked off, with the death of older sister Prue (Shannen Doherty), leaving the Power of Three in danger.  Like the title of the two-hour opener, the show is "Charmed Again," with long-lost half-sister Paige putting the Power of Three and the Halliwell family back together.

Like season three, this season continues to get better and better.  Season four follows Piper (Holly Marie Combs), now the oldest, and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), now the middlest, grieving over the loss of Prue and adjusting to having Paige, the youngest now, into the fold.  Paige, a social worker, is the result of their mother Patty (Finola Hughes) and her Whitelighter lover Sam (Scott Jacek), making her half-witch, half-Whitelighter.

Season four also follows Piper and Leo (Brian Krause) struggling to have a family, Phoebe and half-human/half-demon Cole (Julian McMahon) growing closer in their relationship (not without trials and tribulations), and the Charmed Ones finally taking on the Source of All Evil-- more than once.

Though no extras are included, season four of Charmed on DVD is still worth getting.  Every episode is good from beginning to end.  Besides "Charmed Again", there is "Hell Hath No Fury", "Brain Drain", "Witch Why Now?", and other memorable ones that makes this season good.

Whether you like a knight in shining armor in a shining car, love when a plan comes together, or to be under the spell of three sexy sister witches, then get these DVDs today.