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Published:February 26th, 2006 15:31 EST
Spiderman ranks No. 1 in top 20 'Ultimate Super Heroes' list

Spiderman ranks No. 1 in top 20 'Ultimate Super Heroes' list

By Garrett Godwin

They are in a never-ending battle between good and evil. They fight for those that can`t defend themselves. They fight the good fight and serve the greater good. Some of them are ordinary people who became extraordinary. Some of them are from another planet. Some of them don`t want to be heroes. Some of them are blessed and cursed with their powers and don`t have noble intentions of protecting humanity. Some of them are reluctant, but ultimately end up doing the right thing and use their abilities to help others. 

Along with counting down the top 20 Ultimate Super Villains and Ultimate Super Vixens last year on Bravo Network, these are the top 20 Ultimate Super Heroes:

20. Men In Black 

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones make black suits look good again in both movies as Agents J and K, defending Earth against the scum of the universe.  19. Blade 

The blood of a vampire

The soul of a human

The heart of a hero  The first African-American superhero, Blade is known as the Daywalker.  Half-vampire, half-human, he launches an all-out war against vampires preying on humans for their blood.  A highly skilled and trained slayer, Blade shows on night stalkers-- considering it is open season on them. 

Wesley Snipes as the tragic protagonist in the movie trilogy was perfect.  I kept hearing from my cousin that Blade was good-- and he was right.  It was VERY good.  Blade II was even better.  Blade: Trinity was also good-- but I was focused on Jessica Biel and Parker Posey.  They could bite me or put a stake through my heart anytime. 

Together with mentor/father figure, Blade lives for one sole purpose-- killing as many vampires as he can.  They don`t know who they`re messing with-- because his name is Blade. 

18. Conan 

Before becoming The Terminator and Governor of California, Arnold became a star in back-to-back movies as the muscular hero in the 1980s.

17. Austin Powers 

He may not be James Bond, but this swinging 60s spy definitely has mojo to make the ladies want him. Yeah, baby, yeah! 

16. The Tick 

Which do you prefer-- the cartoon or the live-action version? 

15. Daredevil 

Blinded since childhood, Matt Murdock is an attorney defending the innocent and wants nothing but justice. When the system fails to do so, he sets out to make sure that justice is served as The Man without Fear. I don`t care what you say. The 2003 movie with Ben Affleck was good. 

14. The Mask 

I suggest you watch the 1994 movie with Jim Carrey. 

13. Flash Gordon  Memorable for the Queen music and better than the 1980 movie version. 12. Hellboy 

When I saw the preview of the 2004 movie, I wanted to see it.  This film, with veteran actor Ron Perlman as the main character, is indeed very good because it has a lot of heart.  The son of the Devil, Hellboy investigates and fights supernatural evil that threatens mankind.  Though reckless and impulsive, Hellboy has a soft spot for "firestarter" Liz Sherman (Selma Blair), which is another reason why the movie is so great.  Reluctant champion of good, Hellboy keeps the world safe from the forces of darkness-- even if it means getting into trouble and almost being exposed into the world. 

11. Spawn 

I didn`t watch the cartoon on HBO, but saw the 1997 movie with Michael Jai White as another tragic protagonist.  Walking a line between good and evil, Spawn is the mediator between Heaven and Hell in the battle between good and evil on Earth. 

10. The Incredible Hulk 

Don`t make him angry. You wouldn`t like Bruce Banner when he`s angry, and becomes a not-so-jolly green giant. I don`t think I prefer the 2003 movie. 

9. The Fantastic Four 

Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic)

Sue Storm (Invisible Girl)

Johnny Storm (The Human Torch)

Ben Grimm (The Thing) 

After a freak accident, these four people learned to become a team and surrogate family. When not battling against each other--especially Johnny and Ben-- they`re battling against arch-enemy Dr. Doom to protect the innocent. 

8. The Incredibles 

7. X-Men 

Professor Xavier and his team of mutants are fighting to protect a world that fears and hates them against Magneto and his evil Brotherhood. I can`t wait for X3 this summer! Can you? 

6. Luke Skywalker 

Han Solo is "the rogue with a heart" (anti-hero) that flies the Millennium Falcon and has Princess Leia, but innocent youth Luke has the Force.  The son of Darth Vader, he becomes both a true hero and Jedi Knight, setting the stage for his father`s redemption. 

5. Indiana Jones  Harrison Ford shows why he is one of the ultimate action heroes of all time in these classic movies as the legendary adventurer/archaeologist: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade.  There are talks about a fourth installment, so don`t keep us waiting, Harry-- or should I say, Indy.

4. Bond.  James Bond 

He has a license to kill.  Known as Agent 007, he likes martinis shaken and stirred.  He uses the best Q gadgets, drives the fastest cars to take down his enemies, and saves the world.  Always mixing business with pleasure, he always gets the girl at the beginning and the end-- just not always the same girl.  He`s what every guy wants to be-- and every woman wants to be with, even if it`s only one time. 

James Bond will always return-- and will never grow up. 

3. Batman 

Haunted by the memory of his parents` murder, billionaire Bruce Wayne trains his mind, heart, soul, and body to strike fear into the hearts of criminals in Gotham City. 

I used to love the 1960s series with Adam West and Burt Ward, but now that I`m an adult, I loved the Batmobile more than the series.  The 1990s cartoon from FOX and the WB was and still excellent. 

The first two Batman movies directed by Tim Burton with Michael Keaton were extremely good.  Batman Forever with Val Kilmer was also good.  Batman & Robin with George Clooney was-- forgive me -- was okay.  But Batman Begins is the best so far.  It resurrects both the franchise and the character. 

Dark, brooding, intense, he is justice and retribution.  He is the night-- the Dark Knight Detective known as Batman.

2. Superman 

Kal-El, last survivor of Krypton, grows up on Earth as reporter Clark Kent. Fighting for truth, justice, and the American way, he is the Man of Steel. 

The last two movies were so-so, but the first two with the late, great Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel are the best.  My pick?  Superman II, because of the love story between the main character and

Lois Lane--
not to mention the three Kryptonian criminals.  Lois & Clark was a great series that was cancelled too soon due to lack of closure not having a fifth season or more of our favorite romantic, evil-fighting duo married and now have a child in mysterious ways.  ABC, please bring this beloved show back for a series of movies.  Better yet, bring Lois & Clark to the big screen.

Smallville is another amazing show because it isn`t about how Clark Kent became Superman.  It is how Superman became Clark Kent while learning more about his powers, struggling to find out who he is, where he comes from, and finding his place in the world. 

Like X3, I also can`t wait for Superman Returns, another great summer movie.  If you need somebody to save you, then Superman is the guy for you. 

#1 Spider-Man 

Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker learns to balance his superhero duties with school, job as photographer, among things in life-- like having a life. 

I sadly remembered the 1970s live action show aired on the SCI FI Channel, but the FOX cartoon from the 1990s redeemed our favorite webslinger with incredible story arcs and unforgettable characters. 

The Spider-Man movies with Tobey Maguire are outstanding.  The first one is about the birth of a hero.  The second one deals with the choices and sacrifices the hero must make-- including giving up the woman he loves, Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst).   With great power comes greater responsibility. 

This is his gift-- and his curse.  Who is Peter Parker?  He is Spider-Man.

Waging an ongoing war against those threatening mankind, these flawed, tragic, yet determined heroes will continue to fight for as it long as it takes.  Even if it takes eternity, they will not stop EVER-- until the world is safe.