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Published:March 14th, 2006 03:18 EST
Fan Favorite shows are coming to an end

Fan Favorite shows are coming to an end

By Garrett Godwin

After eight years, two long-running popular shows are saying farewell to their devoted fans in May.

Since 1998, FOX's That 70s Show has been following the adventures of Eric, Donna, Kelso, Hyde, Jackie, and Fez in Point Place, Wisconsin in the 1970s.  Whether they've been making up, breaking up, getting high in "The Circle", or having fun and getting into trouble (a little bit of both), That 70s Show was our Gen-X version of both Friends and Happy Days-- except the show took place in the 1970s.  The series has also made household names of Topher Grace (Eric), who left the show last year, and Ashton Kutcher (Kelso), who appeared in this season's first four episodes before leaving.  Both have rising careers and will return for the finale in May.

I hope That 70s Show ends with Eric and Donna getting back together because they are the couple not only worth rooting for, but also the couple you want together.  I would be very upset if that did not happen.  However, the series ends, it should be on a good note-- including Eric and Donna reuniting.  Seasons 1-3 are now out on DVD.
A supernatural version of Charlie's Angels, the WB's Charmed follows the Halliwell sisters who are the most powerful witches ever.  Known as the Charmed Ones, they fight evil and save innocents while seeking romance and personal success in San Francisco.  After months of speculation, it is official.  Season 8 is Charmed's last.

"As I started this season", said executive producer Brad Kern, "I knew that I wanted to honor the series and how we ended the series.  ....
Sisterhood will be the focus of the ultimate power and the ultimate battle, and that's going to be where we're headed."

 Brian Krause, who plays Leo Wyatt, only appeared in the first 10 episodes this season due to budget cuts, but he will return for the final two episodes.

Charmed will become the longest-running show that has several female leads, surpassing Laverne & Shirley (1976-83).  Seasons 1-4 are now out on DVD.

Both of these shows will live on in syndication and on DVD. 
Hello and Goodbye, everyone at Point Place, Wisconsin!
Remember: The Power of Three will set you free.