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Published:March 16th, 2006 13:44 EST
A Liason Romance in Italy-  Prologue-- Part II

A Liason Romance in Italy- Prologue-- Part II

By Garrett Godwin

Prologue-- Part II

In Italy on a quiet dirt road, Jason Morgan is doing what does him best-- riding his motorcycle to the limit.  Whenever he is now on that road, he is thinking of Elizabeth Webber and all the times they spent together riding.  On the road, Jason and Elizabeth were free from everything and everyone in Port Charles.  No one but the two of them and that is exactly how they like it.  However, it was not the same with Elizabeth.  As much as he wanted to stay and fight for her, he would know he had to leave Port Charles.  He remembered the day Elizabeth walking away from him as she decided to stay with Lucky.  Even though it was painful for him to see her go, Jason wanted her to be happy-- and that is all he wants for her.

Everyday he misses her more and more.  Jason remembered their almost kiss at the park.

"Don't, don't you know what you are to me?" is what he said to her.  He could not say, "I love you" to Elizabeth, but he wished that he did.  No one has ever gotten hold of Jason the way she did-- maybe not even before and after Robin and Carly.

After that, he returns to Italy and park his motorcycle across his apartment.  Walking around, he saw paintings in shops and stores that think of Elizabeth.  Jason remembered the time that Elizabeth did a portrait of him at Jake's playing pool, which Elizabeth joined in later on.
Later, he walked by a fountain.  The myth was that if you put a coin in the fountain and make it wish, then it would come true.

"What the heck?”  Jason smiles, and he puts the coin in the fountain.
"Did your wish come true?” said a female voice.

That took Jason by surprise.  I know that voice, he thought.  Jason turns around and could not believe his own eyes.  "Elizabeth", he said in a quiet yet gentle voice.

"Hey", Elizabeth responds.

"Hey, yourself."

The two of them embrace themselves in a warm hug.

"What are you doing here?  How did you find me?”  Jason asks.

"It is a long story, Jason.  Do you have time?”  Elizabeth said.

"Do I look I am busy?” he said with a grin.  "I know a great restaurant here."

"Good", said Elizabeth, "because I'm starving”.

"Come on."

As they walk to get something to eat, Jason and Elizabeth have discovered something-- they are free.  Free of Port Charles, Lucky, and everything.  In Italy, there is no one but them and that is exactly the way they like it.